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Google will compete with ChatGPT with a "snackable, visual" search engine improvement

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(Image credit- AMMARTECH) Google has made clear that it wants to make its search engine more appealing to and usable for young people worldwide. According to a report, the move was made in reaction to the growing acceptance of artificial intelligence (AI) applications like OpenAI's ChatGPT, which may have a significant impact on how society and businesses are run. According to documents cited by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, "Google plans to make its search engine more 'visual, snackable, personal, and human,' with a focus on the younger population. At Google's upcoming annual I/O developer conference, new features, including a project code-named "Magi," which will let users converse with an AI program, are expected to be announced. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="948"]Chinese ChatGPT' to launch soon to take on OpenAI and Google - BusinessToday Image credit- BusinessToday[/caption] The research claims that this year has seen an increase in interest in generative AI as a result of applications that have attracted people's attention and spurred companies to scramble to produce solutions they think would change the nature of employment. However, a number of tech industry leaders and experts have expressed their worries about the quick development of AI. In an open letter published in March, Elon Musk and a number of other tech CEOs and business owners said that AI labs were engaged in an "out-of-control race" to develop and deploy machine learning systems that nobody could understand, foresee, or properly regulate. According to them, highly developed AI systems should only be developed if their advantages are obvious and their risks can be managed. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Google to take on ChatGPT AI with 'snackable, visual' search engine upgrade Image credit- Interesting Engineering[/caption] Geoffrey Hinton, known as the "God Father of AI," left Google earlier in May to publicly discuss the risks associated with AI. He predicted a time when many people will lose the ability to tell what is real. A more intelligent entity being controlled by a less intelligent one is quite uncommon, he added, so if AI ever becomes considerably smarter than we are, it will be pretty skilled at manipulation as it would have learned that from us. Also read: Do Not Try This Steam Deck “RGB Mod” Yet as It May Damage Your Console Google's decision to make its search engine more user-friendly is a response that may be related to the growing appeal of AI apps. Although generative AI has attracted the public's interest, it has also led to more fear, anxiety, and unemployment. The leading search engine wants to make the product look better. The intention is to move away from the traditional format of search results appearing as "10 blue links" and replace it with more human voices.  

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