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Google’s Digital Wellbeing to add cough & snore detection in smartphones

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Google’s Digital Wellbeing to add cough & snore detection in smartphones-GadgetAny

No doubt, Google’s Digital Wellbeing is one of the best things that Google has done; Not only does it help people have a way out of their unhealthy smartphone usage routine, but also, over time, has become an essential aspect of all Android phones as it can quickly help to restrict scrolling.

Digital Wellbeing helps you track digital health simultaneously when you are involved in endless scrolling on Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

However, Digital Wellbeing was introduced with Android 9 Pie and became a necessary tool for anyone wanting to reduce unhealthy smartphone usage. 

More interestingly, the feature now wants to expand into tracking your health more closely than just that by adding cough and snore detection while you’re asleep.

Reportedly, Google is currently working on cough and snore detection and will be a part of the Digital Wellbeing collection.

Additionally, in the latest beta update to the app, it was discovered that Google would offer snore and cough tracking; it is intended to be a part of the Bedtime Mode section and will be using the phone’s microphone to listen to snore or cough.

Furthermore, Digital Wellbeing works with Google Clock’s sleep tracking. The Google clock can track how much time you have slept using your phone’s gyroscope and medium light sensor to determine whether your phone was stock-still the whole night.

To activate this new feature, you can turn on the cough and snore detection during the scheduled bedtime, and it will show up accompanied by other options like display customization and Do Not Disturb. 

For a better experience, you will need to tap on this feature and grant microphone access.

It is worth featuring as the sensor will only be active during the hours you synchronize. The coughing and snoring data will also appear alongside the information that exists in the app’s usage. 

In addition, you will get a weekly view of graphs, the average cough count, and the average time snoring. The upcoming feature, Google Digital Wellbeing, could also show you the time when you did not get a cough or snore during bedtime.

As with any development like this, it only provides a snapshot of what might be coming down the pipeline. But we’re confident we can look forward to cough and snore tracking becoming a Digital Wellbeing feature soon enough.

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