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Google's experimental "Blink Engine" browser may violate iOS guidelines

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With the release of a new experimental web browser for iOS, Google is making another effort to increase internet adoption and accessibility. The Chromium-powered browser has the potential to transform how online browsing functions on Apple devices. Accessing the Potent Chromium Engine with the Google Chrome App for iOS On iOS, discovering and accessing web content will be simpler and faster thanks to the robust Chromium engine, which is already utilized on Windows and MacOS operating systems. The Chrome browser is among the most popular in the world and is simple to set up on any device. The report claims that in order to utilize it on an iOS device, users must download the Google Chrome app, which makes use of Apple's WebKit engine. Though conceptually identical, the actuality is a little different. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2500"]Chrome for iOS Gains Enhanced Safe Browsing to Protect Users From Malicious  Websites - MacRumors Image credit- MacRumors[/caption] There may be a new browser using the Chromium engine for Apple devices. For iOS users who are used to the Chrome interface, a browser built with Google's Chromium engine and dubbed Blink Engine by the article would be a welcome addition. Also read: Chrome Saved Tab Issues Is Now Fixed As a result, it would provide a similar experience to that on other operating systems. The Register published an article with more explanations. According to rumors, Apple's rigorous App Store policies, which presently only permit browsers utilizing the WebKit engine, will cause the new browser to be rejected; however, this has not yet been proven, as per reports. Google's New iOS Experiments: A Prediction of Changes to Come? This new experimental iOS browser is evidence of Google's commendable efforts to make the internet widely accessible and accepted. Although some of its features might not comply with Apple's existing standards, it could be an indication of what the Apple ecosystem could look like in the future. It appears that Google is covertly making preparations for upcoming potential changes to iOS. Despite the fact that it will never be made available to customers due to Apple's App Store guidelines, the search engine giant recently began developing an alternative browser for the iPhone and iPad. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="641"]Google is designing a browser that would violate rules - TechnoSports Image credit - TechnoSports[/caption] Despite this, if Apple decides to make its platform available to outside browsers with their own engines and app stores, the initiative might be fundamental. The Google project, which the corporation refers to as "an experimental prototype," is still in its early phases. This may be because Apple's App Store policies may change in the future as a result of pressure from the Biden administration and other governments. This has given rise to rumors that iOS 17 may include significant improvements in this area. The upcoming update to Google Chrome for Android is expected to include a "Quick Delete" feature. Here's How It Operates. In anticipation of changes to iOS, Google is preparing for market changes. Despite Google's investigation into the iOS browser market, it is unlikely that its use will ever be made accessible to end consumers because the search engine will follow Apple's guidelines.

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