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Google’s Material You Is Expanding To Chrome For Desktop

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Google’s Material You Is Expanding To Chrome For Desktop-GadgetAny
Chrome For Desktop

Google’s major new theming engine, Material You, was introduced alongside Android 12 last year and has subsequently spread to numerous Android apps. The dynamic interface theming feature is still exclusive to Android and hasn’t yet been extended beyond Google’s own platforms. Version 110 of Chrome Canary, the most recent release, alters this and makes Material You available for Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux.

Chrome functions a little differently than Android because it doesn’t integrate with your computer’s desktop wallpaper. The dominant colours from the wallpaper you select for your new tab page are dynamically incorporated into the Chrome interface, as noticed by Redditor u/Leopeva64-2. You must first enable Chrome for this to work: customize-chrome-color-extraction is a flag in /flags/.

Chrome For Desktop
Image credit: androidpolice

When the flag is enabled, you’ll notice that the interface still doesn’t have a toggle that enables you to alternate between custom and self-selected themes. To consistently use a different color for your address bar and tab, you must turn off the flag once more. If not, everytime you change Chrome backgrounds, the wallpaper color will take precedence over your chosen color.

Thechrome:/flags/#ntp-comprehensive-theming flag will finish the feature by including extra coloured elements on the new tab page itself. The search bar and the cards that are currently under development and located on the new tab page will also receive the theme color. We haven’t been able to enable this in conjunction with the color extraction flag, though.

Chrome For Desktop
Image credit: androidpolice

On the desktop version of Chrome, dynamic theming is definitely on the verge of becoming a reality. While you still need to install Chrome Canary to try it out, the stable release of the browser should be available soon. Take a good look at the top apps that have been updated for Material You in the meantime on your phone.

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