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GPS In Apple Watch Ultra Is Mindblowing

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GPS In Apple Watch Ultra Is Mindblowing-GadgetAny
GPS In Apple Watch Ultra

Apple stated, “For most people, a traditional GPS solution with just L1 GPS works well most of the time. But it can be tricky when tall buildings, trees, or dense foliage block satellites. The newer L5 GPS enables advanced signal processing, reducing many errors and providing a more consistent signal in environments like dense cities.”

We have witnessed some unbelievably fascinating tests for Apple Watch but this one stole the show. Suburbandad1999, a Reddit user undergoes a drill that most of us fear, the lawn mowing and the results are amazing to see how GPS on Apple Watch Ultra executes. 

GPS accuracy in apple watch ultra vs series 4

Apple Watch Ultra is the first of its kind, a precision-dual frequency GPS that has sound accuracy in tracking distance, pace, and workout routes. It combines L1 GPS and a new L5 GPS signal to catch accurate locations with power efficiency. It is a handy device for exercise sessions in tree-covered trails and thickly populated surroundings.

Apple is not shunning the GPS in the new Apple Watch SE and 8 Series as all can benefit from dual-frequency GPS. Mowing the lawn seems easier in comparison to mountaineering, Suburbandad 1999’s comparison throws light on the GPS accuracy levels. The visuals shared by him speak volumes about the accuracy that L5 adds to the Apple Watch Ultra.

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The Reddit user writes, “Image on the left is the hilarious GPS track of me mowing my lawn a few weeks ago with my Series 4 (RIP), It would even have me zip a couple of doors down and shows about 1.4 extra miles of distance compared to the image on the right. Apple Watch Ultra shows every intricate row I did.”

Hope the above statements are convincing enough for you about the Apple Watch Ultra and if you have encountered any such experiences, do share them with us.

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