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GrammarlyGo : Grammarly integrates ChatGPT like AI to make your writing clearer

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Image : Grammarly Today, Grammarly made the (unsurprising) announcement that it is entering the generative AI war. A new set of auto-composition features called GrammarlyGo will enable the AI proofreading software keep up with the numerous businesses that are integrating the ChatGPT API (or various generative AI backends) into their offerings. GrammarlyGo can adapt its strategy according to the context of your writing, such as voice, style, and purpose. It can, for instance, spit out email responses, simplify portions, rework them for clarity and tone, brainstorm, or select from one-click prompts while sticking to the tone of your organization or other context that has been provided. However, Grammarly's desktop service may be a little more practical than rivals (like Notion or Gmail's Smart Compose) that need you to visit an app or website because it may appear in any text field on your computer. According to the business, GrammarlyGo will be turned on by default for people and switchable in settings. Grammarly justifies the feature’s existence by saying most people’s writing can be better and faster. “Individuals today spend too much time trying to communicate in the right way, while poor communication is draining business productivity and performance,” the company wrote in an announcement post. “GrammarlyGO will address this problem by quickly generating highly relevant text with an understanding of personal voice and brand style, context, and intent — saving people and businesses time while accounting for their unique needs.” I’m unsure what to make of a world where nobody writes anything but prompts for machines, but that increasingly appears to be where we’re headed. GrammarlyGo will be a free addition to the Grammarly service. According to the company, its Premium, Business, Education, and Developer plans as well as free plans "in select areas" will soon have the AI writing capability. In April, the GrammarlyGo beta will start to be released.

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