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Here Are The Details Of the Eighth Episode Of “The Last Of Us”

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Photo Credit: YouTube The video game adaptation series “The Last Of Us” is one of the most widely popular episodes in 2023 with millions of viewers per episode which is phenomenal in entertainment. The series pays homage to the original video game and also does not just contain zombies affected by bacteria. It focuses on more important issues like pain, anguish, hope, love, faith, etc. normally not seen on TV. Seven series have been released until now and if you want to know more about the eighth episode, here it is: The Last of Us': How HBO's Show Adapted the Video Game - Variety Photo Credit: Variety It was released on the 5th of March and HBO Max is streaming and has quickly become a hit along with other series like Winning Time, House Of The Dragon, Winning Time, and Succession. Game Of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, and The Wire, these legacy shows too are streaming on HBO Max. There is a great chance that you may lose yourself in the wide video selection they offer ranging from a classic like The Verdict to a powerful film The Batman. The Last Of Us episode 8 aired on March 5th and now is available for all subscribers. Episode 8 is named “When We Are In Need” which depicts Joel healing back from his injuries which happened in serial number 6. Ellie is practicing her skills of shooting and hunting by killing a few animals and is again all by herself. Ellie is hesitant when some survivors offer refuge to both of them. Another person meets Ellie and notifies her about a suspicious group, which is not what it appears. The video gamers already know who it is but will not kill the fun by mentioning it here. You too can watch its trailer. The Star cast of The Last Of Us Episode 8:
  • Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams
  • Pedro Pascal As Joel Miller
  • Scott Shepherd as David
  • Nelson Lias as Josiah
  • Troy Baker as James
  • Ali Abbasi is the director
Season 1 of The Last Of Us show has nine episodes scheduled including When We Are In Need, which had to have ten episodes originally but was sized to nine episodes. The show will have a second season with Ramsey and Pascal coming back to the sequel but there is no word on whether or not it will be based on The Last Of Us season 2 videogame or will be a novel. Last of Us Episode 8 Review: 'When We Are in Need' Is Monstrous Photo Credit: The Escapist One of the best shows of 2023, “The Last Of Us”  was well built developing the personality and the way the story unfurls, making it hard to believe that the story was developed on a video game. It is a great show to watch even if you are not a zombie fan. Craig Mazin who also created Chornobyl, and Neil Druckmann who created Uncharted, are the creators of The Last Of Us, with Druckmann writing the script. On Metacritic, it scores 84 Metascore with a 6.4 user score and on Tomatometer, The Last Of Us is rated at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 90%.

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