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Best Ongoing Pre-black Friday Sales

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Best Ongoing Pre-black Friday Sales-GadgetAny

Super Saturday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day – the retail sector continues inventing unauthorized holiday sales to offer us additional justifications for spending our money early and more frequently.

Furthermore, Amazon’s “Prime Early Access Sale,” in which bargains begin much before Black Friday—during mid-October—indicates that we may be witnessing the beginning of a new trend. So, here are the top online retail sales ongoing right now.

1. JCPenney’s


Up to October 12, JCPenney is holding an online-only flash sale. Additionally, their diamond deals are the best deal, but you can also discover coupons for apparel, footwear, and home décor—and use a second 35%-off coupon after applying the codes at the register. Also, free delivery is available for orders above $75.

2. Walmart

The October sales from Walmart run until October 13 and are designed to provide those who don’t want to participate in the Black Friday frenzy a chance to find some savings online. Furthermore, you can find the best prices in their tech and toy sections, but practically every product category has some sort of discount.

3. GameStop


The video game retailer, which nearly went out of business at the beginning of the pandemic and was saved by its devoted fan base, is now flourishing and is offering a pre-Black Friday deal of its own. Their pro deals, which are available online until October 15, include discounts on games, gaming seats, headsets, accessories, toys, and much more.

4. HP

If you’re a PC user looking to upgrade your laptop, desktop, printer, or monitor, check out HP’s flash sale, which features discounts of up to 55% on a number of items. Also, every couple of hours, the company is adding additional offers. Most importantly, the entire flash sale will end on October 13.

5. Dell


During their pre-Black Friday event, Dell is also offering its products at steep prices. Their online sale runs through October 13 and features laptops, desktops, video games, workstations, servers, accessories, displays, and electronics.

6. Best Buy

The Best Buy flash sale, which offers one of the best discounts on all devices and price matching, concludes on October 12. However, the pricing may fluctuate because there is a limited supply of the items at the flash sale price. So, it is best to monitor the stocks.

7. Target

Unlike the name implies, Target’s Black Friday deals are actually pre-Black Friday and are happening right now. So, every day until October 15 there is a “deal of the day” that, so far, has been successful in selling out rapidly, such as their $129.99 TCL 43″ smart TV, which sold out in a matter of hours. Hence, keep an eye on their website as new deals are added frequently. Also, note that their deals are only available online.

8. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime’s “Early Access Sale” is currently ongoing till October 12. Additionally, each offer has a set duration, and comes and goes with a limited yet large stock supply. And although you can expect to discover a wide variety of items here, Amazon’s own products, such as the Kindle, Echo devices, Fire TV streaming devices, TVs, and more, will have the greatest discounts.

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