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Here’s a first look at Apple Watch Pride Edition face and band design

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Image credit : Apple In honor of Pride Month, Apple releases new watch faces and bands every year. Although the company has not officially revealed the details of this year's Apple Watch Pride, we now have a preview of how it will look. This year's Pride Watch face will include a confetti motif and the LGBTQIA+ flag's colors, as Aaron revealed on Twitter. The brand-new watch band will stick with the same design. One of the hands on the new watch face is yellow, and it seems customers will be able to adjust its color, which is an intriguing feature. Although the specific method of how these photos were discovered is now unknown, they do appear to be genuine based on the assets that Apple utilizes to display the latest watch faces for watchOS. If this information is accurate, it is likely that the firm will soon reveal the new 2023 Apple Watch Pride band and face. Also read : The OnePlus Nord 3 is set to launch: Here’s what to expect It's important to note that May 17 is International Day Against Homophobia, which suggests that Apple may announce the 2023 Apple Watch Pride on that day. Because of its reputation for supporting LGBTQIA+ rights, Apple offers Apple Watch Pride bands every year so that members of the community can display their pride. The business also provides financial support to LGBTQIA+ organizations who are seeking to improve diversity.

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