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Here’s a fun fact: Bird feathers are used as backgrounds on Google Pixel phones

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Here’s a fun fact: Bird feathers are used as backgrounds on Google Pixel phones-GadgetAny
Bird wallpaper

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You’ll note that the backgrounds of Google Pixel devices made in 2022 and later are feathers from birds.

Geometric patterns and colors serve as the wallpaper on older Google Pixel models. There are times when landscape vistas or artistic depictions are provided.

However, the screen displays of more recent Pixel versions increasingly emphasize the use of feathers from birds. Naturally, a lot of users will start to ask why the dominant search engine is taking this action.

Here is what the Google art director explained if you fall under that category. Google’s design team opted to try something fresh for Google Pixel wallpapers, according to the most recent report.

Why the Pixel 7, Fold, and Tablet have bird feather wallpapers
Image credit- 9to5 Google

According to the reports, the change in Android backgrounds to avian feathers is a component of the newly refreshed Google Design. According to Google, their wallpaper designs strive for authenticity by featuring issues that are both motivating and relatable. The business made the decision to concentrate on birds as a result.

According to Google Art Director Eunyoung Park and Google Writing & Content Design, Android Bronwyn Jones, “We were drawn to the birds’ liveliness, positivity, and daring because those are all qualities we associate with the Pixel brand itself.”

They believe that the previous flower wallpapers, which Google released in its older Pixel handsets, were a logical development toward the bird’s feathers.

Fun Fact: Here's Why Google Pixel Wallpapers are Bird Feathers | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

Photographs of 30 Different Bird Species
For the 2022–2023 Google Pixel smartphones’ bird feather backgrounds, the design team at Google took photographs of 30 different bird species.

Of course, the IT company insisted that when capturing the images, they properly adhered to the American Humane Society’s guidelines.

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The end result includes 12 wallpaper pictures of bird wings thanks to the work of Google’s design team. These include the feathers of birds such as the black swan, king vulture, and pied crow. For a look at the photographs themselves, go here.

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