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Here’s How to Delete & Edit a Message on Latest iOS16 Update

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Here’s How to Delete & Edit a Message on Latest iOS16 Update-GadgetAny
Delete or edit a Message on Latest iOS16 Update

Apple’s iOS 16 software update was released Monday. You can now avoid theHere’s How to Delete & Edit a Message on Latest Ios 16 Update worst autocorrect errors. Now you can edit or delete iMessages that have been sent.

You have just two minutes to send an iMessage, and fifteen minutes to edit an iMessage. This perk is not available for SMS text messages that appear as green bubbles rather than blue. It only works if iOS 16 is installed by the person you are texting.

IOS 16 is now available for all iPhones released after 2017.

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How to  edit messages on iOS 16

  1. Open iMessage.
  2. Hold the message that you wish to edit and press.
  3. The Quick Actions menu will be displayed.
  4. Click Edit
  5. To change the message, click Edit
  6. After you are done editing, click the blue checkmark.
  7. A single message can be edited up to five times.
  8. To change your message, you’ll need to wait 15 minutes after it was sent.

Delete a Message on Latest iOS16 Update

To Delete a message do the following.

  1. To stop sending a message, simply press and hold it.
  2. You’ll see a Quick Actions menu.
  3. Press the Undo Send button.
  4. Up to two minutes after sending, you can cancel a message.
  5. They could still be able to see iMessages that you try to delete that you sent to someone with iOS 15 or an earlier version of the operating system.
  6. A message stating that you unsent a text message will appear if the person you are contacting has iOS 16. As long as they didn’t receive a preview of that text when the original iMessage was delivered, the person you’re texting won’t know what that message was.
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  1. Any idea why I cannot delete the messages from my phone since I downloaded iOS 16? It lets me delete some of them but others will not delete. I have tried sliding the message to the left and hitting the delete button and holdong down until the pop up box with delete option comes up but the message doesn’t delete. I have tried restarting the phone and even did a reset but those certain messages won’t clear.

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