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Be a Pro at Clearing Caches From Your iPhone

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Be a Pro at Clearing Caches From Your iPhone-GadgetAny
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A cache is a temporary storage of some data like part of a website or image from the last time a user visited them. It helps browsers faster the next time users visit that page. However, cache data tends to slow down a phone’s browsing performance. The reason is that it takes up a lot of storage space in users’ devices. Hence, it is better to clear it out regularly. 

Steps to clear out cache data on an iPhone 

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone to clear the cache in Safari. (Note: It will close all the open tabs in Safari, logging users out of any websites.)
  • After that, scroll down in the Settings menu to Safari and tap on it.
  • In it, users will find options to Clear History and Website Data; click on it.
  • A confirmation will pop up. Users need to press Clear history and data to confirm to clear the cache and cookies from their iPhone. (Note: Users’ autofill information will still be on their device.)

On another note, users can browse on Safari without history by enabling Private Browsing. They need to go to Safari > tap on Tabs > Private; doing so will help users eliminate unnecessary cache in their browser. 

 Clearing Caches From an iPhone

Offloading and Clearing cache

Offloading and clearing cache are not the same thing. However, offloading is handy when users’ phones slow down due to low storage. It uninstalls apps without deleting the documents and data present in them. Here’s how to offload an app –

  • Open Settings
  • Go to iPhone Storage and select the app to be offloaded
  • After that, click on Offload App

Note: Users can always pick off where they left off with the offloaded app if ever they download it again. 

Steps to clear out Chrome’s cache on an iPhone 

Many users prefer Google Chrome to browse. But, it might store a significant amount of data on their devices, slowing down performance. So, to get rid of cache in Chrome, here’s what they can do –

  • Open the Settings in the Chrome app
  • Go to Privacy
  • Tap on Clear Browsing Data. Users can go through the pages, websites, or searches to delete at this point.
  • Confirm to complete the action by choosing the Clear Browsing Data option at the bottom of the screen. 

Note: Deleting browsing data will not close all the open tabs in Chrome. But, it will log out users from websites they are signed into. 

 Clearing Caches From an iPhone

Cookies and Cache

Cookies are little pieces of information that websites send to a user’s phone. For instance, saved passwords to keep them logged in to an account, website preferences, etc. Thus, cookies and cache are not precisely the same either. However, cookies can track users’ internet browsing by monitoring search history patterns. In addition, cookies can determine what users clicked on or what their pointer/cursor hovered over while browsing. 

Fortunately, users who’d like to block cookies on their iPhones can do so. They just need to open Settings > select Safari > Block All Cookies. However, many users prefer cookies as they like the more personalized browsing experience. And although blocking cookies will prevent websites from getting users’ information, their absence may make some websites work improperly. 

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