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Here’s How To Watch The Shadow And Bone Season 2 On Netflix

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Here’s How To Watch The Shadow And Bone Season 2 On Netflix-GadgetAny
Shadow And bone On Netflix

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The eight-episode series, adapted from Israeli American novelist Leigh Bardugo’s young adult novel Shadow and Bone, featured the story of Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), a teenage orphan raised in Ravka who discovers she is a Grisha, which implies one with unique abilities. She must eventually confront the menacing threat of Aleksander Kirigan (Ben Barnes), also known as The Darkling.

A big-budget show, Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series, was liked by fans of shows like Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Twilight. The show was a big success with audiences as well as critics and remained at No.1 for 12 days making it the third show in this category.

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Clearly, the second series had to be commenced and it did start last year by the producers and the fans are aware that the second season is going to be aired any time now. But when, how, and where is still not in public but here are the details:

When can the second series of Shadow and Bone Be watched?


What is the The Shadow And Bone second season about?

Here is the formal outline from Netflix:

“Alina Starkov has fled. She’s a beacon of hope to some and a suspected traitor to others, but she’s determined to bring down the Shadow Fold and save Ravka. General Kirigan, on the other hand, has returned to finish what he started. Kirigan is more dangerous than ever, backed by a horrifying new army of nearly indestructible shadow monsters and fearsome new Grisha recruits. To stand a chance against him, Alina and Mal gather their own formidable new allies and embark on a continent-spanning quest in search of two mythical animals that would enhance her powers.”

Netflix's Shadow and Bone cast Ben Barnes as the Darkling | EW.com

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“Back in Ketterdam, the Crows must establish new alliances as they struggle with old adversaries and even ancient grudges that endanger not only their place in the Barrel, but their very lives. As an opportunity for a fatal theft presents themselves, the Crows will once again be on a collision path with the famed Sun Summoner.”

“Based on Leigh Bardugo’s worldwide blockbuster Grishaverse novels, Shadow and Bone returns for a second season with new friendships, new loves, grander conflicts, epic adventures — and a terrible family secret that might ruin everything.”

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How many episodes are there in the Shadow and Bone season 2?

There are eight episodes in Shadow and Bone season 2 just like season 1.

Does Shadow and Bone season 2 have a trailer and can we watch it?

Yes, the trailer is available and you can watch it online.

How much is the Netflix Subscription fees?

The online platform offers four plans including a plan with ads:

  • Basic with ads
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Pack Details

  • The basic plan is offered at $10 for a month with unlimited services on one device
  • Standard costs $15 for a month with unlimited services and can be watched on two devices
  • Premium costs $20 for a month and is unlimited and can be used by four devices at a time

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How to subscribe to Netflix to watch Shadow and Bone season 2?

Netflix has 220 million subscribers worldwide and is one of the strongest online streaming services as it has Netflix original programs as well as classics that can be watched by all people with all kinds of taste. They host Bridgerton, Stranger Things, and Wednesday which are extremely popular series.

And in the movie line, they are streaming Don’t Look Up, Bird Box and Red Notice which are highly watched on the platform. For more information, you can look up their top ten list of movies and shows.

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