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Here’s How You Can Watch UFC 2023 Fights Online

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Photo Credit: Rolling Stone Millions of people are able to enjoy online streaming services because of the easy and economical accessibility of the internet and have given up on the conventional satellite and cable connections. However, the sports enthusiasts had to wait longer to watch live matches. Many channels like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video etc have been streaming movies and videos for almost a decade. The 4K smart TVs have inbuilt internet connection and downloaded apps but only of late are the sports channels like FuboTV, Sling, ESPN+ etc giving access to live games like the UFC. Best streaming services: a comparison guide of Netflix, Disney Plus & more - Polygon Photo Credit: Polygon Now is the time for MMA fans to rejoice as UFC with ESPN  are making the live streaming of fights very easy. It is the world's biggest martial arts fighting league coming together with ESPN to bring to your home the UFC 2023 content. It will be available online and on TV.  Up until 2018, Fox had the exclusive broadcasting rights to the UFC; however, ESPN won the deal beginning in 2019. This indicates that for the foreseeable future, this sports network will be the sole place to see Ultimate Fighting Championship programming. Also Read: How to watch Formula1 Brazilian Grand Prix Live Online For Free? And for the people who no longer have the dish or the cable, ESPN+ is the service launched by ESPN in 2018. Though some fights are aired on UFC Fight Pass and ESPN TV, UFC PPV online is only available on ESPN+. Despite having a regular streaming package, you still want to subscribe to ESPN+ to watch UFC and other events, as there are several other sports content, all you need to do is sign up and you are all set. Though the prices are going up every year, $10 monthly and $100 for a year is not much, it is a good deal. Along with pay-as-you-view shows, you can take advantage of a year's worth ESPN+ with a $125 PPV package which is $55 off  when purchased separately. The ESPN+ subscription can be used with smartphones, TVs, laptops, tabs etc including Xbox gaming consoles and playstations. Stream Live Tennis on ESPN+ | ESPN+ Photo Credit: ESPN+ Nevertheless, if you are now cutting the cord and are seeking for a streaming TV subscription that includes ESPN channels, especially those where you can watch specific UFC fight events, you have a few choices. Keep in mind that none of these presently broadcast live UFC pay-per-view events; ESPN+ is still required for that. Unless otherwise stated, each of these premium streaming services is compatible with most smart TVs, streaming sticks, mobile devices, and contemporary computer web browsers.
  • Sling TV: It has two channels including ESPN, the Orange plan is available at $40 for a month and Orange+Blue plan costs $55 for a month and you will be charged extra for premium channels. Cinemax and HBO are also available on Sling. Smart TV, Xbox and streaming devices are all compatible with Sling.
  • YouTube TV: It will cost you $65 for a month with an offer of premium channel subscriptions with ESPN. It supports addons like HBO and Cinemax along with DVR cloud storage. YouTube can be streamed on Smart TV and a variety of other devices along with playstation consoles and Xbox.
  • FuboTV offers two plans: The Pro plan at $75 for a month and an Elite package at $85 per month. Both the plans include ESPN along with 140 channels and DVR cloud storage of 1000 hours. The higher row includes many more channels and 4K views making it shape to be the best streaming service for sports.FuboTV Subscription 2022 Package and Pricing (80% Discount)
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  • Hulu with the addition of Disney+ and ESPN+ comes at a $70-per-month Live TV package that now includes ESPN. Also, you can pay an additional charge to get premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. A more affordable option would be this $13/month package that includes basic, ad-supported Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ if all you want is ESPN+ and you don't care about live TV. Together with the above mentioned gadgets, Hulu can be accessed on game consoles and smart TVs. You can watch every UFC fight, including pay-per-view events, with either of these alternatives since they both feature ESPN+.
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