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Here’s why room temperature superconductors are gaining momentum

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Here’s why room temperature superconductors are gaining momentum-GadgetAny
room temperature superconductors

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Room temperature superconductors are highly sought-after scientific achievements, comparable to economically feasible carbon capture, nuclear rocket engines, or energy net-positive fusion reactions. While they have been considered achievable and have been pursued for years, they remain elusive. However, there are recent claims from researchers stating that they have achieved this breakthrough.

It’s important to note that these claims are still in the early stages and have not yet undergone peer review. If they are verified and can be replicated as the authors of the research papers suggest, we could be standing on the brink of a technological revolution with far-reaching impacts, potentially transforming global energy grids and revolutionizing fields such as quantum computing.

What are room temperature superconductors?

Superconductors are materials capable of conducting electrical current with zero resistance, unlike highly efficient conductors like copper and silver, which still offer some level of resistance leading to heat generation. Unlike conventional circuits where electrical current eventually dissipates, superconductors can maintain the current indefinitely without the need for continuous power input.

The drawback of traditional superconductors lies in their requirement for extremely low temperatures and/or high pressure, which demands specialized equipment and significant energy input. This limitation severely restricts their practical applications.

room temperature superconductors
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Room temperature superconductors, on the other hand, would function at ordinary room temperatures, eliminating the need for extreme conditions. Developing such superconductors would represent an extraordinary breakthrough with immense potential for various exciting applications.

Why is it becoming popular?

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