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Here's why Tinder will no longer link your social media accounts to your profile

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(Image credit- Help Fix That) With the announcement that it will no longer link users' social network accounts to their profiles, the popular dating app Tinder has made a huge shift to its platform. This choice is a result of Tinder's continued efforts to keep its broad user base in a secure and welcoming environment. No longer Integration of social media Tinder stressed the value of community norms and setting standards for user conduct both on and off the platform in its statement. The new regulation is to make sure that people may completely express themselves without integrating social media. Tinder wants to encourage users to be more honest and authentic in their interactions by removing the obligation to link social media accounts. Instead of promoting corporate initiatives or aiming for social media popularity, the emphasis is on strengthening human relationships. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="601"]When you get banned on Tinder, does your account get deleted permanently,  or is your profile still visible to others? Is there a way to log in to  delete it? - Quora Image credit- Quora[/caption] "Build relationships with people, not businesses. Don't promote, market, or publish your social media handles to raise money, sell products, or run a campaign. Additionally, this means that no kind of sex work, escort services, or paid relationships should be conducted on Tinder. To discover your sugar mamma, don't use Tinder, the popular dating app said in its community standards. Additionally, this modification supports Tinder's dedication to user security and privacy. Users can have more control over their personal information and decide what they want to post on the app by disconnecting their social network accounts. This precaution lowers the likelihood of privacy breaches by discouraging the public broadcast of private information like phone numbers, emails, or social media handles. Due to Match Group's New In-App Messages, Tinder and Other Dating Apps Will Prevent Romance Scams. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="750"]When I Connect Tinder to Facebook, Does It Show on Facebook? Image credit- Tec Jun[/caption] Baby Images are also prohibited The choice is in keeping with Tinder's current community guidelines, which define expectations for user conduct both inside and outside the service. With Tinder forbidding the exhibition of nudity, sexual content, sexual desires, or explicit solicitations for sex on public profiles, these rules place a strong emphasis on the value of personal boundaries. However, in private chats, such topics may be discussed provided that everyone involved is at ease with it, emphasizing the importance of consent. Additionally, Tinder emphasizes that it is only available to individuals over the age of 18. The program expressly forbids the publishing of images of juveniles who are unattended or in revealing clothing, including snapshots of users as children. There can be only one account per individual on Tinder in order to protect privacy and uphold the platform's integrity. It is not supported for many users to access the same account because it raises logistical and privacy issues. Additionally, Tinder highlights that users can publish their own content on the app. It is definitely forbidden to distribute other people's private photos or messages without getting their express permission. Also read: Tinder to Exit from Russia by June 30? See details All users' personal rights and privacy are to be safeguarded by this policy. Additionally, Tinder forbids the sharing of anything that is protected by a third party's trademarks or copyrights.  

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