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Hilarity Within Macabre: Sons of the Forest is a Weirdly Funny Horror Videogame

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Screenshot: Endnight / Kotaku The fact that the Sons of the Forest is a terrifying open-world horror videogame does nothing to deter that it is also unexpectedly funny. The humor is not evident in-your-face, but rather subtle and dumb, breaking the tension building in the atmosphere. Sent to find a missing billionaire on a remote island, the protagonist is stranded on the island by cannibals. Although none of the above descriptions remotely seem hilarious, this survival horror simulator manages to tickle your funny bones with creative touches.  As hardcore as the game is, there are moments when you cannot help but laugh. For instance when the protagonist barbequed a human arm briefly for 12 seconds before eating it whole. Then we have Kelvin, faithful and naive Kelvin, who is oh-so-desperate to please the protagonist. Among violence, blood, and gore, Kelvin becomes an escape from the hellish nightmare with his shenanigans. We see him trying to yank fish out of a pond with his bare hands, nonplussed by the lack of fishing equipment. On his way to give Kelvin a well-deserved pat, the protagonist nearly trips over a fish, which turns out to be a dozen trout piled behind Kelvin.  In yet another instance of Kelvin’s buffoonery, we see him demolish his own house to gather logs. Despite his naivety, gamers can’t help but adore this bumbling character. Many gamers have taken to social media to express their affection toward Kelvin by uploading various clips and using hashtags. 

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