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How AI Can Make Your Drone Fly Safer and More Efficient in Tough Conditions

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(Image credit- Tech Talks) Artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled drones to become more intelligent and manageable. Researchers have developed a novel machine-learning strategy that might be used to more successfully and efficiently drive a robot, such as a drone or autonomous vehicle, in areas where conditions change quickly. However, it's part of a broader wave of AI developments that might revolutionize how drones are used by enthusiasts, the military, and industries.

Better Drones Flying

A drone could be able to closely follow a downhill skier while being buffeted by severe winds according to a novel approach developed by scientists at MIT and Stanford University. Control theory has been incorporated into the researchers' learning process as a form of helpful cue that directs the control approach of the system. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]How AI Could Make Controlling Drones Easier Image credit- Lifewire[/caption] With only 100 data points, the researchers' method was proven to be data-efficient enough to successfully represent a highly dynamic rotor-driven vehicle. This effectiveness may make their method particularly valuable for drones or robots that need to pick things up fast in dynamic environments. According to David Ly, CEO of Iveda, a company that specializes in AI-powered smart drones, autonomy offered by AI enables drones to carry out complicated tasks like conducting search and rescue missions or surveying enormous areas. Drones with AI can respond to shifting conditions and deal with unforeseen circumstances. According to Pinciroli, the film and photography industries have embraced the potential of AI-powered drones to capture breathtaking images of live events, movie scenarios, and natural landscapes. Drones are being developed for small product last-mile delivery services. Also read: Neolithic Cave Paintings in Spain Found by Archaeologists Using Drones According to Dustin Parkman, vice president of Transportation Solutions at Bentley Systems, drones can be used to remotely monitor and inspect deteriorating infrastructure. One illustration is the use of a drone to monitor and check bridges for flaws and cracks. By converting drone footage into 3D bridge models, drone imagery can be used to create digital twins. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Artificial Intelligence in Drone Technology Image credit- Wevolver[/caption]

Drones Powered by AI in the Future

Drone warfare is also changing as a result of AI. AI drone control is advancing quickly as a result of the situation in Ukraine. According to Robertson, AI can also be utilized to improve human capabilities. For instance, Fortem's DroneHunter makes use of AI to manage the pursuit and eradication of adversary drones. The device is authorized to pursue and engage in combat by a person. Large AI language models like ChatGPT may one day have the ability to voice-control drones.

"A verbal command from an officer with authority could be used for voice identification/authorization and for a command such as 'maintain a 24/7 search for drone threats,'" Robertson said. "Once a command is made, AI will take care of the details from there."

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