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How AI Is Set To Change The Future Of Search Engine Optimization

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How AI Is Set To Change The Future Of Search Engine Optimization-GadgetAny

According to the new global research conducted by Accenture, the  majority of organizations that use artificial intelligence are still experimenting with the technology.

As artificial intelligence (AI) has become more advanced sophisticated, search engine optimization will have to adapt accordingly. AI has a unique ability to analyze data faster than a human can do. So it is anticipated that AI will start dominating the SEO in the near future. 

However, the SEO industry has always been in a state of modification. Google is continuously changing its algorithm, and every day new technologies are replacing the old ones. In 2015, Google announced that they would be using RankBrain, an artificial intelligence(AI) system to help process search results.

Moreover, in 2017, Google announced that they were also using machine learning to combat spam. On the contrary, Danny Sullivan confirmed in 2019 that RankBrain was now being used for every search query.


This phenomenon gave rise to a whole new revolution in AI-based SEO tools. Some significant ways in which AI tools have proven their efficacy are content creation, SEO keyword research, traffic and site growth analysis, voice search, and SEO workflows.

Altogether, these applications have made it quite obvious that the future of SEO lies in Artificial intelligence. Recently, the number of companies interested in AI-based SEO has increased exponentially and is going to grow in the years to come.

Here’s how AI is already changing SEO and what we can expect more in the future:

  • Keywords and anchor management
  • Content creation and analysis
  • Traffic and ranking growth analysis
  • SEO workflows
  • Predict rankings
  • Search engine algorithm analysis
  • Monitoring and analyzing the competition
  • More control over SERP rankings
  • Consistent and stable rankings
  • Control SEO focus

Regardless of industry, the impact of AI on business is growing and accelerating.

 “Adopting AI at scale and embedding it deeper in all aspects of business is no longer a choice, but a necessity and opportunity facing every industry, organization, and leader,” said Sanjeev Vohra, global lead for Applied Intelligence at Accenture. He further added that “While the science of AI is ground-breaking and inspiring, harnessing it fully is an art that leaders must continually practice. 

Our report provides actionable recommendations for how to advance AI maturity to join the ranks of the AI Achievers.”

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