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Can you Use iPhones Cameras as Webcams?

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Can you Use iPhones Cameras as Webcams?-GadgetAny
How to Turn Your Digital Camera or iPhone Into a Webcam

Webcams are even more appreciated due to video conferencing or streaming in work-from-home settings. Additionally, it is an indispensable tool for students, workers, teachers, and live streamers alike. Of course, all these users can use a built-in webcam of their iMacs or MacBook Pros or even a third-party one. But, they don’t give the best image quality or high production values that users want. So, if users wish to look better in online videos, high-end cameras might just be a great option. In addition, a new DSLR, Mirrorless camera, or any other type of camera will work wonders. Hence, users can now experience good quality video conferencing or streaming compared to that of built-in webcams. 

The problem with in-built webcams

Apple’s latest built-in webcams are not that bad as they offer 1080p resolution. Additionally, they have enhanced image signal processing through the M1 family of Apple Silicon chips. Plus, there is also a feature called Center Stage that can reframe the image. Hence, it keeps the image centered on the speaker no matter how they move. But, even with these benefits, the image is more practical than cinematic. In addition, users cannot move the webcam to focus where they want as it is built-in.

Turn Your Digital Camera or iPhone Into a Webcam

In such cases, a third-party webcam can be helpful as it offers features not usually present in Apple’s webcam. For instance, an optical zoom feature is available in some models, with others providing a digital zoom instead. In addition, some webcams allow users to tweak colors and add special effects. Lastly, these third-party webcams also enable users to adjust the focal depth and bokeh, keeping the subject in focus and blurring the background. And although it is not that outstanding, it is still better than a built-in webcam. 

High-end cameras transforming into webcams

Since the pandemic, all the big hot shots manufacturers of cameras like Canon, Nikon, etc., have been evolving their products. They are now offering software that can work with their products and transform them into webcams. Hence, these quality webcams soon became high in demand. And besides solving the issue of connecting cameras to the PC or Mac, these software tools improved image quality. 

Furthermore, the principle that makes images and videos captured by these high-end cameras excellent is now applicable to live video feeds. Thus, it means bigger imaging sensors and better lens assemblies capable of greater zoom ranges. In addition, users have more advanced levels of control over how the picture appears. And since it’s all in-camera, the result is much better than the computer-created version. Plus, the interchangeable lenses are just the cherry on the top. Users also have the advantage of independently positioning the camera from the screen. Hence, users can showcase the best possible angle in their live stream video. 

How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Webcam

Moreover, Twitch streamers have been using photography-centric cameras for streaming video for years. However, only now has it become a common practice. In addition, if users have multiple cameras, they can connect them to their PC or Mac simultaneously for various camera angles. 


Switching to high-end cameras to use them as a webcam is easy. Users just need to buy a camera, download the manufacturer’s webcam software (free one if possible), and install it on their PCs or Macs. Then, they have to physically connect the camera to the computer via micro-USB or USB-C port. It is best to have a sufficient cable length with the right connections on the ends. Finally, users might have to set the camera in a specific mode depending on the camera and the associated software. And then, they have to set up their streaming software to work with the camera, and they’re good to go. Furthermore, the picture resolution might vary between manufacturers and cameras. But, in any case, a transformed high-end camera webcam will be a lot better than the typical webcam. 

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