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How is enhanced version of Google AI search different from Bard chatbot?

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How is enhanced version of Google AI search different from Bard chatbot?-GadgetAny
Bard AI

On Wednesday, Alphabet’s Google unveiled an enhanced version of its primary search engine with an emphasis on incorporating more artificial intelligence (AI) into its responses. The action aims to dispel concerns that the business is falling behind Microsoft’s Bing search, which is powered by OpenAI.

The Search Generative Experience, a new and improved version of Google Search, will recognize when generative AI may be used to respond to a question and display the AI-generated response at the top of the search results page. The customary connections to the web will then be presented after this.

Google Headquarters
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For instance, a search for “weather San Francisco” will provide the standard eight-day forecast, however a question on what to wear in the Californian metropolis will elicit a detailed AI response that includes links to the websites that originally gave the information. Additionally, the update adds a “conversational mode” that keeps track of the user’s previous inquiries to make it simpler for them to ask follow-up questions. The responses from this mode, however, will not use personal pronouns because it is not intended to have a chatbot personality.

Bard, a chatbot developed by Google, has a persona and can converse like a human. It is designed for collaborative creative tasks like writing software code or captions for pictures. Bard is in direct competition with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, whose human-like responses have excited users a lot. Google has emphasized that users should continue to use the standard Google search engine to research and seek out information, including finding products to buy.

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Consumers in the US are the only ones who can now join a queue for the Search Generative Experience. Before making search results generally available, Google intends to test the service and track its effectiveness in terms of cost, speed, and quality. Its availability in India is still unknown. In the meantime, Bard supports 40 languages and is accessible without a waitlist in 180 nations and territories.

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