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How much MGM+ will cost after launch on Amazon with Google TV integration

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With the MGM+ experience, Amazon officially launches its newest subscription-based streaming platform, creating a new space for entertainment. With the Live TV and on-demand video experiences, this new application focuses on providing a library of exclusive material that primarily utilises Metro-Goldwyn-production Mayer's and distribution facility. This platform, which has been relaunched as the MGM+ platform under Amazon, is the manifestation of the formerly popular EPIX app. After MGM was fully acquired by Amazon for $8.5 billion, it introduced a new streaming platform called MGM+ to replace its EPIX service, which now focuses on entertainment content. Although this was already revealed last year, it will be available for everyone to subscribe to, stream, and enjoy on their devices and houses starting in January 2023. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1320"]Amazon's MGM+ goes live, has Google TV integration already Image credit- 9 to 5 Google[/caption] It does not yet have a specific television app, but it does have a Google TV integration through Android TV and apps for Apple TV+, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. According to Amazon, users can cast it from their smartphones and other devices to larger screens. Also Read: Twitter Blue subscriptions now requires a phone number Additionally, it emphasises original programming, including "Godfather of Harlem," "Billy The Kid," "Life as a Rolling Stone," and others. The James Bond series' "No Time to Die," "Skyfall," and "For Your Eyes Only" are available on MGM+, along with other shows including "Orphan: First Kill," "Smile," and others from its extensive catalogue. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play now offer the MGM+ app. In 2023, Epix will introduce a new streaming platform under the name MGM+.

Rates for MGM+ Subscriptions

There are just two tiers available for MGM+'s plan, and they are either monthly or yearly subscriptions. Both provide ad-free live TV and on-demand programming for $7.99 per month or a reduced $49.99 per year. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Amazon buys MGM for $8.5 billion: What the deal means and more - Times of India Image credit- Times of India[/caption]

Streaming on Amazon

The well-known online retailer's approach to streaming platforms is centred on two services that are open to all users, one of which is the renowned Amazon Prime Video, which serves as its primary OTT and live streaming hub. It offers a variety of content from its collection, including thousands of movies, TV shows, Amazon Originals, live TV, and more. The site offers a wide range of content, and "The Expanse," a novel sci-fi adaption by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck under the pen name James S.A. Corey, is one of its most popular series here. Even though the programme allegedly has serious issues and has faced a lot of criticism, it is still considered to be among the best that the corporation has to offer. A live streaming site for games, lifestyle content, and sporadic material from Amazon's influencers is Twitch. The Seattle-based corporation will soon broaden the scope of its streaming platform, especially with the addition of Amazon Sports, which will be offered separately from Prime Video. A new streaming hub that also offers entertainment-based services for live TV and on-demand content, with a niche for MGM's content, the new MGM+ platform broadens the company's portfolio.

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