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How Much Money Does LED Christmas Lighting Save?

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How Much Money Does LED Christmas Lighting Save?-GadgetAny
LED Christmas Lighting for decoration

If you’re thinking about switching to LED Christmas lights, you may be wondering how much money you’ll save. Here’s how the two lighting types differ throughout the holiday season.

How Much Electricity Do Christmas Lights Consume?

As you might expect, the cost of running traditional, incandescent, and LED Christmas lights differs significantly—much like the cost of using traditional lighting in your home versus LED bulbs. Consider how much energy each type consumes.

Typical Incandescent Bulbs

Typical Incandescent Bulbs

Traditional Christmas lights consist of small incandescent bulbs. They are available in two distinct flavors. Miniature Christmas lights have small little cylindrical bulbs that resemble tiny pixie glass candles. Each mini bulb on a mini strand consumes 0.43W of power.

C7 and C9 bulbs are the largest and most bulbous Christmas lights. C7 bulbs are approximately an inch and a half long, have an E12 base, and consume 4-5W of energy per bulb. C7 bulbs are used in night lights and electric window candles in addition to Christmas light strands.

C9 bulbs have the same profile, just a little wider and between 2-2.5 inches long, use an E17 base, and they use 7W or 10W per bulb, depending on the design. Because of their increased size, C9 is a much more popular size for Christmas lights as the lights stand out better at a distance than their smaller cousins.

LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs

You can find LED Christmas lights in the same configuration as traditional lights, just with the incandescent filament swapped out for an LED bulb.

LED lights, on average, consume one-tenth the power of their incandescent counterparts. The energy consumption of the much relatively small Christmas lights is revised down similarly to that of a 75W-equivalent LED light bulb, which uses about 7.5W.

With that in mind, you can expect LED mini Christmas lights to consume around 0.05W per bulb (whether the bulb is a traditional long cylindrical shape or a simple button shape makes no difference in terms of power consumption).

C7 and C9 bulbs’ power consumption is slightly higher, but only marginally so. You can expect the new bulbs to consume about 0.2W per bulb. There is little difference between the two sizes when dealing with LEDs than the shape of the bulb—the LED component is typically identical.

The power consumption of C7 and C9 bulbs is slightly higher, but only marginally. The new bulbs are expected to consume about 0.2W per bulb. When it comes to LEDs, the only difference between the two sizes is the structure of the bulb—the LED component is usually identical.

Side-by-Side Comparison 


With the different sorts of bulbs and their power usage explained, let’s compare all of them (along with the conventional size strands and fixtures they’d be found on) side by side. This allows you to easily compare the type of strand you have to the type of strand you’re considering.

For an estimated operational cost, we are using a national average of 0.12 cents per kWh. Our daily price is based on the assumption that the usage of lights will be for 6 hours per day.

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