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How News Feed Resulted in Meta’s Success

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How News Feed Resulted in Meta’s Success-GadgetAny
Meta’s success

Meta, formerly Facebook, is shifting towards the metaverse day by day. Mark Zuckerberg plans to introduce AR glasses to the world, a device that’s right out of a sci-fi movie. And when these glasses become a reality, Meta will bring a significant change into a technically-advancing world. However, people are still in awe of Meta and Facebook‘s powerful influence in the real world. And the story of its current influence began nearly two decades ago when Zukerberg introduced News Feed on the platform. 

Land of the Giants – new season

The influence of News Feed on Meta’s success is explored in the inaugural episode of Land of the Giants’ new season. The series is Vox Media Podcast Network’s award-winning narrative podcast regarding the most influential tech companies of this century. The new season will see a partnership between Recode and The Verge. It has seven episodes that will tell the story of Facebook’s journey to becoming Meta, featuring interviews with the company’s current and former executives. 

The first episode shows how Zuckerberg took his “first big bet” almost twenty years ago by creating the News Feed. The origin story of the News Feed is quite controversial, depicting Zuckerberg’s initial vision for connecting people on a large scale, no matter the consequences. 

Meta’s success

Furthermore, the episode features an interview with Ruchi Sanghvi, one of Facebook’s first engineers who played a part in developing the News Feed. Unfortunately, when the feature first launched, Facebook users disliked it so much that it led to widespread protests from them. Sanghvi revealed that “it was the first time they got a security guard to stand outside the Facebook offices’ door.”

But, despite initial protests from users, News Feed eventually became the reason for Facebook becoming a powerful social media platform. Experts say that the feature is probably the “most impactful invention.” And currently, Facebook is also bringing a massive update for the feature that will evolve it significantly. Later episodes in the Land of the Giants’ new season will feature the story concerning this massive evolution for News Feed. 

Lastly, the inaugural episode, The Facebook / Meta Disruption, is available to listeners on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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