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How To Activate The WhatsApp Disappearing Messages?

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How To Activate The WhatsApp Disappearing Messages?-GadgetAny

Whatsapp added a new feature called Disappearing Messages which is an incredible hack to save yourself from getting embarrassed but learn how to use it and do not forget to switch on the function.

The new feature is not used only to save from social embarrassment but sometimes can prove to be a safety net. The TikTok star @tatechtips has shared tips on turning on the feature which got 8000 likes. Once the function is on, the message gets deleted automatically. It is effortless.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature use

Below are some simple steps to activate the WA Disappearing messages.

  • Open the WA app
  • Under settings are accounts and privacy
  • You have an option to choose the duration of the messages to be deleted
  • 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days
  • Once you confirm the duration, a message appears that the Disappearing Messages is on
  • Archive and unarchive on an existing chat that you wish to delete
  • The new feature can be enabled on individual chats by tapping on the settings on the WhatsApp contact

Though Disappearing Message is a great feature, some flaws can be exploited.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

For example, you will have to remember some things before assuming that you message anybody anything, and then you delete it; there is nothing to worry about. But sadly, it does not work like that.

  • Only the texts sent after enabling the Disappearing Messages feature can only be deleted, and not the chats before that.
  • Forwarded texts to other groups cannot be deleted.
  • If the message is quoted, there are chances that the message remains even though the original content was deleted
  • The disappearing messages are stored in the backup folder
  • Screenshot and recording the message cannot help you even after enabling the disappearing message

The Internet is a handy tool to keep in touch but a dangerous place if not played by the rules.

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