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How to Change Your Quest Account From FB to Meta Easily?

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How to Change Your Quest Account From FB to Meta Easily?-GadgetAny

Meta is rolling out a new account through which you can log into your Oculus account by disengaging Quest from your FB profile.

If you own a Meta Quest VR headset, you would have to set it up using FB as the device is made by FB’s parent company Meta. But there are some issues in linking your FB account to Quest; if your account gets banned on FB, there is a probability that you may lose accessibility to the Oculus games that you purchased.

You will need a Meta account to use it with Quest. For setting it up, using your phone or a system, go to Meta.com/websetup. Then, as your data is stored in FB, log into your Facebook account, which needs to be transferred to the Meta account.

You will be asked if you want to set up a Meta account using FB or email. If your choice is FB, Meta and FB accounts will be linked, allowing you to access social features. You can log into a Meta account using FB. If you choose to go without FB, you must enter your email and password to log into the Meta account.

However, an option is open for linking to FB and Meta accounts whenever you wish; nothing is permanent. If continuing without FB, you will be asked to enter your email ID and password and choose a setting with privacy for your Horizon account. This step helps keep your activity and status visible only to the people you give access to.

Once the above step is in place, put the headset on, and a prompt comes up with a code when you use it, which allows you to connect the headset to the account. Next, go to Meta.com/device with the device set up with a Meta account and enter the code you got earlier on Oculus, which connects the Meta account to the headset.

Now you are good to go!

Getting back to the Oculus app is also pretty simple. If the Quest were paired with the Oculus app with Android and iOS, you would be logged out when you switched to a Meta account. So make sure that you have the latest version of the app and if not, update it.

Select the Login with Email ID option on the screen and then enter the email id and password you wish to set up with the Meta account. Then, you are all set to use the app.

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