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How To Check Voicemail On Landline From a Cell Phone?

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Image credit : VoApps Voicemail is a really important feature that allows callers to leave recorded audio messages for individuals who are unable to answer their phones or are currently on another call. Instead of the call going unanswered or being redirected to another line, the caller can leave a voicemail message for the intended recipient. This guide is for you if you want to access the voicemails received on your landline number with another mobile phone.

How To Check Voicemail On Landline From A Cell Phone?

Follow the below steps to access your landline voicemail from a mobile phone:
  1. Dial *86 Or Your Mobile Number
To check your landline voicemail from a mobile phone, you can start by calling your landline number or *86. Afterward, press * when prompted by the voicemail system and enter your PIN or password. 2. Enter Star (*) In The Dial Pad [caption id="attachment_192895" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Voicemail Steps Image credit : Notta[/caption] When you encounter the AI or robotic prompt guiding you on accessing voicemail, you should input the asterisk (*) symbol found at the bottom left corner of your phone's keypad. Make sure to use the asterisk symbol located within the dial pad displayed during the call. 3. Enter Your Landline Voicemail Pin Or Password After you are done with the first two steps you will then be prompted to enter your voicemail password or PIN. This is the same password or PIN you use when accessing your voicemail from your landline phone. If you forgot your Voicemail password, reset the Voicemail Password before trying to check your landline Voicemail.  Also read : China Prohibits Central Government Officials from Using iPhones: What's the Impact on Apple? Follow the voice prompts to listen to your voicemail messages. You can usually press specific keys on your mobile phone's keypad to navigate through your voicemail options (e.g., pressing '1' to listen to new messages, '2' to save a message, '3' to delete a message, etc.).

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