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How To Disconnect From The World Through Smartphone?

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How To Disconnect From The World Through Smartphone?-GadgetAny
How to Use a Smartphone to Disconnect

We can’t imagine ourselves living without our smartphones, but the unlimited access it offers to use the internet, social media, and the distractive and endless digital world. Therefore, although the need for “minimalist phones” is growing in the market, you don’t have to discontinue using your existing iPhone or Android phones.

The idea of using a smartphone to disconnect from the digital world seems weird, but inherently, the smartphone is not the actual problem but the user who uses it irresponsibly. You don’t need to use a minimalistic phone to “feel the wind.”

Smartphone addiction

A smartphone is not at fault

iPhones and Android phones are simple tools that allow us to perform valuable and life-changing activities like GPS navigation or illogical digital media scrolling. So, you have to decide how to use your device.

Users must come out of “time suck” temptations to avoid getting into bad habits. Minimalist phones help you do this by adding strict restrictions on your mobile use. However, the “out of sight, out of mind” practice is similarly helpful to keep away your existing smartphone.

IOS and Android phones have tools to help limit distractions

Avoid Frequent Distractions

IOS and Android phones have tools to help limit distractions at particular times like studying, working, etc. The iPhone has tools like “Focus” to disconnect yourself from it and turn it on whenever you need a break from work. You can customize the mode by adding access to people, notifications, and apps when the mode is on. Android’s “Do Not Disturb” mode performs similar functions.

Although limiting notifications is a good step, it does not completely avoid distracting apps.

Eliminate Temptations

Like a “minimalist phone” does, iOS and Android phones have tools to block time-consuming and distracting apps. The iPhone’s “Downtime” feature blocks app notifications and prevents you from accessing them. Apps and their widgets are greyed out on the home screen, and people you choose are disallowed access. Android’s version of this feature is called “Focus Mode.” The “Focus” and “Downtime” limit your mobile access just like a “minimalist phone” does.

IOS and Android phones have tools to help limit distractions

The Nuclear Option

Android phones mimic a “minimalist phone” experience, using third-party home screen launchers that can hide distracting apps. Various launchers mimic the expertise of phones like the Light Phone. For example, the “Indistractable Launcher” changes your home screen into a mere black-and-white text list of apps. In addition, it allows you to keep some of your favorite apps on the home screen while adding the rest in a vertical list on the right side page. 

Moreover, when swapped with the launcher, the “Do Not Disturb” will cut off distracting notifications offering you a complete “minimalist phone” experience.

Your iPhone and Android phone tools help you choose healthy habits and use your smartphones best. Therefore, it’s important to note that your smartphone is not the culprit.

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