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How to Download a Facebook Video on Any Device

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How to Download a Facebook Video on Any Device-GadgetAny
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You can save a Facebook movie to your phone or computer if you download it. So you don’t have to scroll through your newsfeed, you can quickly share it. Here’s how to save a Facebook movie to your Windows or Mac computer, iPhone, Android phone or tablet.

If the video on Facebook is set to be public, you can download it. Windows, Mac, and Android users only need to copy and change the video link, while iPhone users need to use a third-party app.

When you click on the three-dot icon at the top of the video post, you can also choose to save the video. But this doesn’t really save the video on your device; it just saves it in the app so you can watch it later.

How to download Facebook videos to your iPhone or Android

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With the regular Facebook app, you can’t download a video to your phone, but there are a number of third-party apps that let you save the video straight to your phone’s Camera Roll. Friendly Social Browser is an app that works well for both Android and iPhone users.

  • Get Friendly Social Browser installed.
  • Tap Facebook to set Facebook as the app’s default profile moving forward.
  • Use your regular Facebook login information to access Facebook.
  • Instead of using the official Facebook app, you can use Friendly Social Browser once you’ve checked in; it will largely function and appear the same as the app you’re used to.
  • Tap the cloud-shaped download button in the lower right corner of the video post if you’re using an iPhone. On an Android device, click the download button located within the video. 
  • On an Android device, the video will begin downloading right away; but, on an iPhone, a pop-up with further options will appear. Tap the download icon next to the Video option if you’re an iPhone user.
  • Decide whether to Save to Files or Save to Photos.

How to download Facebook videos to your Computer

On your phone, you can use third-party apps and websites to download movies. On your computer, however, you shouldn’t. Many of these are not reliable and may have malware or try to get you to pay for extra services.

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You can instead use a trick to download videos straight from Facebook.

  • Find a video you’d like to keep.
  • Click the button with three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the video post that says “more.”
  • Copy the link.
  • Paste the URL you just copied into the address bar of a new browser window and hit the Enter key on your keyboard to open it.
  • Change the www to mbasic when the page loads.
  • Press Enter to make the browser load the new URL. The video will show up in a way that works best on a mobile device.
  • Start playing the movie, right-click on it, and then choose “Save Video As.”
  • Name the video, then click “Save.”

Your computer will now save the movie.

How to Add Videos To Watch Later On Facebook

However, there may be situations when you just want to store a video on Facebook so you can watch it later. This is where temporary downloading videos from Facebook comes in. Consider it similar to “bookmarking” a video.

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  • Find a video you want to watch later and save it.
  • Click or tap the “more” icon (the three horizontal dots) in the upper right area of the video post.
  • Tap or click Save video.

When you want to watch the movie again, all of the ones you’ve saved will be in one place. 

On a computer, click the icon that looks like a computer monitor with a play button in the middle. This is the Watch button. Then, choose Videos You’ve Saved.

Tap the three straight lines on your phone and then tap Saved.

How to Cancel Subscriptions From Your Mac? Plag check baki

On your Mac, it’s easy to stop your payments to Apple Music, Apple TV, or third-party apps. If you want to stop some subscriptions you already have, just follow this guide. We’ll show you how to stop subscriptions on your Mac using the System Settings menu and the App Store app.

Subscription Cancellation Using System Settings

The System Settings app in macOS (which used to be called System Preferences) can do a lot of things, like handle your subscriptions. Do these things:

  • Go to Apple > System Settings from the menu bar.
  • At the top, click the name of your Apple ID.
  • Now, click the button to the right of Media & Purchases.
  • Next to Subscriptions, click Manage.
  • Click Edit next to the subscription you want to cancel that is currently live.
  • Then, click Cancel Subscription, then click Confirm.
  • Lastly, click Done to leave the screen for subscriptions.

You have now used your Mac to cancel a subscription that was still live.

Subscription Cancellation Using App Store

With the App Store app, it’s easy to keep track of all of your payments in one place. What you have to do is:

  • Click your Name in the bottom-left area of the App Store app.
  • Near the top of the window, click Account Settings.
  • Scroll down and click on Manage next to Subscriptions.
  • Select Stop Subscription after clicking Edit next to the subscription you want to stop.

Like with System Settings, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to stop.

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After cancelling my subscription, when will I no longer have access?

Even after cancelling most subscriptions, like Apple’s free trials for most of its services, you can still use them until the last day of that contract. This means that you can still use the service until the day before you have to pay.

But in some cases, like the free trial of Apple TV+, you will lose access as soon as you end your subscription. Since this is different for each plan, the safest thing to do is read the line next to the Cancel Subscription button or on the Confirm Cancelation pop-up.

If your subscriptions stop right after you cancel them and you still have a few days until the next billing cycle, set a reminder on your phone so you can enjoy your subscription for a few more days.

When you stop a subscription, it goes away on all of your Apple devices. In other words, you don’t have to stop the same subscription on all of your devices. You only need to cancel once from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

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