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How to download and install macOS 14 Sonoma

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How to download and install macOS 14 Sonoma-GadgetAny

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Apple’s macOS Sonoma (also called macOS 14) has a lot of cool new features, like a game mode, desktop widgets, and a new presenter mode for video talks. You should download it right away so you can use all the new features and protection improvements. Before you do, make sure you have a backup of your most important information. When you’re ready, here’s how to download macOS 14.

Download macOS Sonoma Public Beta

Apple has made the public test of macOS Sonoma available, so anyone can try it out if they want to. This is free and easy to do, and we’ll show you all the steps you need to take below.

Keep in mind that the macOS Sonoma public beta is still being worked on, so you are likely to run into bugs and other problems if you decide to use it. Because of this, you should back up your Mac before installing the public version. You also shouldn’t run it on your main computer, in case something goes wrong.

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Let’s find out how to get the macOS Sonoma public beta and install it.

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  1. To install the public beta version of macOS Sonoma, you must join the Apple Beta Software Program. If you haven’t already, go to the Apple Beta Software Program page, tap Sign up, and then enter your Apple ID username and password.
  2. Read the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement and click “Agree” if everything looks good.
  3. Choose the macOS tab under the heading “Guide for Beta Software,” then choose “Enroll your Mac” under the heading “Get started.”
  4. Now is the time to back up your Mac so you don’t lose your files if the beta doesn’t run correctly.
  5. If you’re using macOS Ventura 13.4 or later, open the System Settings app and go to General > Software Update. Click the I button next to where it says “Beta updates,” and then choose the most recent public beta from the drop-down menu. Your Mac will now look for the public test version of macOS Sonoma. When it finds it, click Upgrade Now to start downloading it.
  6. After you finish getting the public beta of macOS Sonoma, you will need to restart your Mac. To start the loading process, choose “Restart Now.” During the process, your Mac might restart a few times, which could take a while.
  7. After the installation is done, your Mac will be running the public test version of macOS Sonoma. Your Mac will tell you when new test updates are available and will ask you to download them.

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Which Mac Supports Beta?

You need to make sure your Mac can run macOS Sonoma before you can download it. Apple also said which Macs can run the new version of macOS when it announced the new version. Among them are:

  • MacBook Air made after 2018
  • MacBook Pros made after 2018
  • Mac Mini made after 2018
  • Mac Pro made after 2019
  • iMacs made after 2019
  • iMac Pro made after 2017
  • Mac Studio made after 2022

If your Mac or MacBook is older than these types, macOS 13 Ventura will be the last version of macOS you can download.

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