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How to Enable Page-Turning Animation in Apple Books?

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How to Enable Page-Turning Animation in Apple Books?-GadgetAny
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In order to provide you with the greatest possible virtual reading experience, Apple Books offers a ton of features. The page-turning motion you experience while navigating from one page to another on the app is one such widely used feature.

There is a reason why the curling animation may no longer be visible, but fortunately, you can quickly restore it. Continue reading to learn how to manually enable the animation once more and why you must.

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Why Apple Page turning Animation in the News?

When using Apple Books before iOS 16, you could automatically witness a curling page animation. The function was adored by readers and frequent app users since it replicated the experience of actually reading a book.

Many people were shocked when Apple eliminated this capability from iOS 16; the change was unwelcome. Apple, however, compensated by including some fantastic hidden features in iOS 16.

Fortunately, Apple chose to reinstate the page-turning animation with iOS 16.4 in response to customer demand. But now that it’s not a default setting, you have to manually enable the feature.

How to Get the Page-Turning Curl Animation Back in Apple Books for iPhone and iPad « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks
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How to Enable Apple Books Page Turn Animation?

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is on before you start because the feature reappeared with iOS 16.4. It’s simple to reactivate your old Curl animation, but Apple Books now offers you a second option when you enable the page-turning animation. You must perform the following actions:

  • Open Apple Books and a PDF file of your choice.
  • In the lower-right corner of your screen, tap the hamburger menu button.
  • When you choose Themes & Settings from the context menu, a new pop-up menu with several options will display.
  • Select the “page-turning” symbol from the icon row in the top row.
  • To return to the previous page-turning animation, choose Curl from the available three options.

Download the Classic Curling Animation Return to Apple Books

With iOS 16.4, Apple reinstated the page animation feature that had been removed in iOS 16. This function, which provides a realistic page-turning sensation, is a favorite of many Apple Books users.

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