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How to Fix a Boost Mobile Phone Swap That's Not Working

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Boost Mobile allows the "Bring Your Own Phone "(BYOP) option for users who don't want to upgrade their phone.
Additionally, Boost Mobile's online phone swap service enables users to swap their phone number and data to a new device. Also, the process of transferring the data is fast, secure, and simple, just a compatible device is what you need to proceed.
However, due to internal hardware differences, a phone designed for one network isn't perfectly compatible with another. When you swap the Boost Mobile SIM card to your phone and face issues getting on board, this article will help you.

How to Fix a Boost Mobile Phone Swap that's Not Working

If the Boost Mobile Swap on your phone isn't working, you can try the below-mentioned fixes:
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1. Verify the SIM card working

Ensure that the SIM card of Boost Mobile Phone is working properly. It may be working on the other device, so try to insert it on the other device rather than your phone and complete the SIM swap activation process. If the Boost Mobile SIM card is working on the other phone, there is a possibility that your phone has some fault in it.

2. Restart the phone

After inserting the SIM card in the tray, switch off your phone and again restart it. Sometimes a simple restart can be helpful to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Press and hold the power button until the power off icon appears.
  • Then, tap on the power off to the right.
  • You can wait a few seconds, and then press and toggle on the power button again to restart the phone.
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3. Reset the network settings

One more reason behind the Boost Mobile Phone SIM card not working is there is some network error in your phone. To reset the network setting follow these steps:
  • On the dial pad of your phone, enter ##72786#
  • After that two options will appear on your screen, Yes and No
  • Select the 'Yes' option and proceed.
  • Now, wait for seconds, you will get the notification that the 'Device  Successfully Activated the Service"
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4. Update the phone's software

If still your phone is not supporting the Boost Mobile SIM card then it's time to update your phone's software.
  • Connect your phone to the wireless network.
  • Open Settings and then the System Update option.
  • Click on Update PRL and wait for its completion.
  • After that, go back to System Update and Update Profile.
  • Select OK on the notification bar.

5. Contact Boost Mobile customer support

Now that lastly, just one option remains, contact customer care and explain your problem. Call on 18335026678 and you will get help to troubleshoot your issue. They can also offer you a new SIM card if the one which you are having isny working.

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