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How to fix an Echo Dot with clock display that is not functioning

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Image credit : Best Buy One of the most well-liked devices in the Echo line-up is the Echo Dot with clock. The smart speaker is a terrific option to start automating your daily routines and dipping your toes into the world of smart homes because to its low pricing and full access to the Alexa speech assistant. However, a few customers have mentioned problems with the clock's display on the Echo Dot. The Echo Dot's display specifically stops functioning, and it's not immediately evident how to fix the problem. Here's all you need to know if your Echo Dot with clock's display is not functioning.

How to fix the display on Echo Dot with clock

Your Echo Dot with clock's display might not be functioning for a number of different reasons. You'll need to try a different approach of troubleshooting depending on the cause. Here are four simple fixes for displays. Step 1: Unplugging your Echo Dot clock is the simplest fix. Plug it back in after about 30 seconds. Hopefully, a power cycle will fix the issue and you'll be able to see the display once more. Step 2: In case that doesn't work, double-check the power adapter you're using. The only authorized power supply for your device is the one that came with it; using a third-party item might not give your device enough power to run the display. Step 3: The clock's display on the Echo Dot can be controlled by Amazon with incredible precision, and you even have the option to turn it off. Therefore, it's possible that someone else in your home switched off the display without your awareness. You may just ask Alexa to turn on the display by saying, "Hey Alexa, turn display on."

Control your Echo Dot with clock display using the Alexa app

There is a simple way to check the status of your display if you'd like to use the Alexa app rather than voice commands. Additional options can assist you in resolving a non-responsive display. Step 1: Go to the Devices area of the app when it has been opened. Step 2: After finding and choosing your device, click the Echo and Alexa submenu. Step 3: This is where the LED Display menu is located. You may check if your display is on or off and change various aspects of its appearance by clicking on here.

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