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How to Fix an iPad That Won’t Turn On

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Image credit : AppleToolBox You might have faced the frozen iPad problem many times. The situation seems quite frustrating. But, don’t worry as there are a number of fixes for it. Diagnose the problem Before proceeding it is important to identify the underlying problem that causes your iPad freeze.  There might be three key reasons why your iPad won’t turn on. It can be either the battery, software, or hardware issues. If your iPad doesn't turn on unless you plug it in, then you might have a battery issue.  But if the iPad doesn’t turn on despite being plugged in, then you might be facing a problem with either the software or hardware.

Charge Your iPad

If your iPad doesn't start and remains frozen on a black screen, then charging your iPad can be an optimal solution.  Battery issues are some of the potential reasons behind an iPad not turning on. If your iPad is out of power, then it won’t be able to turn on, after all. Try to charge your iPad. If this workaround doesn’t work, ensure that the charger is plugged in and working with other devices, as the issue might be related to a faulty charger. If your iPad doesn't turn on despite being plugged in, then it’s time to move towards some other solutions on this list.

Physical damage

[caption id="attachment_192450" align="aligncenter" width="2560"]ipad physical damage Image credit : Reddit[/caption] This is one of the most common problems as most users face it as the iPad is made of some fragile components and a simple drop can lead to this damage. If the display remains unfunctional despite the iPad being on, then take the help of a  professional to get it repaired. Check out the following options if dropped accidentally: The screen is a vulnerable part of the iPad, and it's prone to damage. Verify if there are any cracks on the screen.  Also, check if the touch screen is responsive or not.  Make sure that the display remains active and doesn't turn blank, go black, or switch off.  Occasionally, the iPad might still function and produce sounds, but the screen remains inactive.  Attempt to press all the buttons, including the power button, to assess their functionality. If the above steps do not resolve your issue, it might be water damage or software issue. Software crash can be the potential reason behind unresponsive screens however, it is quite challenging to identify it.

Power on the iPad

Power on the iPad. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top of the iPad. If the iPad is powered off, you should see the Apple logo appear after a couple of seconds, which means that the tablet is functioning normally. To start the iPad, initiate it by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button located at the top of the device. If the iPad is turned off, you should observe the Apple logo appearing on the screen after a few seconds, indicating that the tablet is operating as expected. [caption id="attachment_192449" align="aligncenter" width="800"]iPad restart issue Image credit : iSmash[/caption]

Perform a hard reset or force reboot

A hard reset or a forced restart is frequently the most successful remedy for addressing typical software problems while leaving your device's data intact. For iPad models equipped with Face ID: Swiftly press and release the volume up button, followed by a swift press and release of the volume down button. Then, hold down the top button until the iPad initiates a restart. For iPad models featuring a Home button: Simultaneously press and hold both the Home button and the top button for approximately 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears. Disregard the red slider, and release the buttons when the iPad begins to reboot.

Fully charge the battery 

Charge the battery. If the iPad doesn't boot up after a few seconds, the battery is probably drained. In this case, connect the iPad to a wall outlet using the cable and charger that came with it. Wait an hour while the battery charges, then turn on the iPad. Even if the iPad turns on, it may be low on power, so leave it charging for as long as possible or until the battery is fully charged. Also read : How to Fix if You Encounter Activation Error in iMessage? If the iPad still remains unresponsive after all these efforts it might be facing some hardware issues. In this case, before taking it to the Apple store try to fix it using some third-party troubleshoot software. If you don’t have access to the Apple store in your locality then contact the Apple Support team. 

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