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How to Fix if You Encounter Activation Error in iMessage?

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Image credit : Cult of Mac It's possible that iMessage activation won't work if you're trying to activate a new iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Despite how infrequent this problem is, Apple is aware of it. An alert could appear that reads, "iMessage activation unsuccessful." Another message that could appear is "waiting for activation." Unfortunately, if either of these pop-up, you can't utilize FaceTime or iMessage. If you're having this problem, you might be annoyed since you want to start using iMessage on your new Apple smartphone right away. Thankfully, there are some fixes you can do for activation error in iMessage.

1. Restart Your iPhone

Prior to delving into any technical remedies, it's crucial to initiate a restart of your iPhone. This action typically resolves the majority of problems encountered on your device. This action facilitates the clearing of data, the restart of network connections, and the refreshing of messages. To execute a restart, simply power off your device, allow 30 seconds to elapse, and then power it back on. If this successfully addresses your concern, that's a positive outcome. If not, please proceed to the subsequent solution.

2. Set Your Apple ID to Send and Receive iMessages

In case you encounter difficulties related to sending and receiving messages or face challenges with the activation error in iMessage, it's imperative to verify your Send & Receive settings. If these settings are not properly configured, your iMessage activation may not proceed successfully, and this could impede your receipt of both text messages and picture messages. To rectify this, navigate to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and ensure that both your phone number and email are chosen. This is one of the most prevalent remedies for this issue. Nevertheless, if this doesn't resolve the matter, there are numerous other avenues you can explore. If you're using a Mac, launch the Messages application and access Messages > Settings from the menu bar. Subsequently, proceed to the iMessage section within the new window and designate your Apple ID email address as reachable via iMessage. [caption id="attachment_191977" align="aligncenter" width="1560"]ios-16-iphone-13-pro-imessage-apps- Image credit : Apple Support[/caption]

3. Restart iMessage and FaceTime

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