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How to Fix Your Pixel's Wireless Charging?

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We now take wireless charging for granted on smartphones as a standard function. You are aware that you may place your dying gadget on a Qi charger and gradually see results whether you have an iPhone or an Android. With a recent Android upgrade, Google may have unintentionally halted wireless charging on its Pixel phones. You can fix your Pixel if it's one of those affected, so don't worry. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]Wireless charging on Pixel phones may be broken after March update | Android Central Image credit- Android Central[/caption]

What damaged your Pixel's wireless charging?

On r/Android, there are numerous reports of broken wireless charging on Pixels, many of which aren't recent. A post from August 17 and one from October 4 both explain the problem in the same manner. The problem appears to be related to Android 13: Although Google's "latest and greatest" comes with a few entertaining new features, wireless charging on some Pixels seems to be severely hindered. The Pixel 4XLs are the most impacted, but other Pixel devices, including the Pixel 6 Pro, appear to be at risk as well, according to postings and comments on r/Android. According to complaints, the Pixel can occasionally claim to be charging when it actually isn't, and other times it will start charging before turning off.

How to repair your Pixel's faulty wireless charging

Many attempts to address the problem were unsuccessful, but thankfully the most recent security update may be the solution—at least in the opinion of user djc-503. They assert that wireless charging was not working on their Pixel 4 until the most recent security update fixed it. Go to Settings > System > System update to install this security update.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Top 7 Ways to Fix Wireless Charging Not Working With Phone - Guiding Tech Image credit- Guiding Tech[/caption] Also Read: Google Pixel's At A Glance features an 'Earthquake Alert' There is another option, though, if the upgrade doesn't make things better for you. With the help of the following, user SnooDrawings7662 was able to restore wireless charging for both their Pixel 4XL and Pixel 6 Pro: Clear the cache on the Google Pixel Stand app by selecting it under Settings > Storage > Other Apps, then selecting "Clear Cache." After long-pressing "Power Off," boot into Safe Mode by pressing and holding the power button while selecting "Reboot to safe mode." Pair your Pixel with your Pixel Stand after your device restarts. To escape Safe Mode, restart your phone. You should be able to wirelessly charge your Pixel once more. Of course, using a crucial component of your smartphone shouldn't need you to go through a confusing set of processes. But it appears like that is Google's current strategy.

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