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How to Get 2 Months Free T-Mobile 5G Internet at Home?

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How to Get 2 Months Free T-Mobile 5G Internet at Home?-GadgetAny
How to Get 2 Months Free of T-Mobile 5G Internet at Home

In its most recent promotion, T-Mobile enables new customers to make the most of their 5G internet connectivity at home by providing them with fast service for two months at no cost. 

Data cables and fiber internet are now considered antiquated because everyone can now get a wireless connection at home thanks to the widespread availability of 5G.

According to T-Mobile, this new promotion, which offers two months of discounts for the world’s fastest data connection, has been verified as real and open to everyone.

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According to CNET, T-Mobile acknowledged that this offer is legitimate, a plan that customers may utilize, and also qualify for a free gift from its promotions.

They will receive up to two months of the service free thanks to a T-Mobile rebate promotion, while 5G unlimited internet at home costs $50 per month to subscribe to.

Users must first sign up for T-5G Mobile’s internet at home and take advantage of the free 60-day trial. After the trial term for the home plan is up, customers who want the $100 prepaid load card can redeem it using a code provided by the business.

Users who choose to continue with the 5G Home Plan after the 60-day free trial has ended can do so by entering the code “2022HINTP10” on the T-Mobile redemption center website. They will then receive text instructions on how to utilize this prepaid card.

Starting on November 10, they can use this code to pay for the first two months of their T-Mobile membership. T-Mobile also provides 5G internet for homes, enabling a subscription-based service to connect to its well-known service, much like other internet plans. 

The service offers huge internet speeds without the burden of installation or connecting data cables to establish an internet connection, and it enables the public to connect to 5G via a home router.

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