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How to Make a WhatsApp Group Video Call

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Image credit : Cashify You can conveniently connect with multiple friends via WhatsApp group video call. When it comes to interacting with close friends and family members or having a virtual meeting, WhatsApp is an ideal platform. Here’s how to start a video call on WhatsApp.

How to Make a WhatsApp Group Video Call

In November 2022, WhatsApp increased the maximum number of participants you can invite to a group video call. Whether you're within a WhatsApp group or accessing the calls tab, you have two methods for initiating a group call. First, you can include as many as 32 members from your WhatsApp group in a video call. Alternatively, you can head to the CALLS tab and select up to 15 friends from your contacts to start the call with.

How to Make a WhatsApp Group Video Call From a Group Chat

WhatsApp Group calling allows you to include 32 participants to join a WhatsApp group video call. To do this, follow these steps:
  • Open the WhatsApp group chat you want to video call.
  • If your group chat has 32 or fewer participants, tap Video call and confirm your decision.
Note: If there are more than 32, tap Group call and select up to 32 people to join your video call. Then tap Video call. [caption id="attachment_194054" align="aligncenter" width="800"]WhatsApp Group Video Call Image credit : MyGadgetReviewer[/caption]

How to Make a WhatsApp Group Video Call From the Calls Tab

You can include up to 15 random participants from your contact list into a WhatsApp video call. To do this, follow these steps:
  • Open WhatsApp, then tap the CALLS tab.
  • Tap New call > New group call.
  • Find the contacts you want to add to the call, then tap Video call.
  • How to make a group video call from an individual chat
  • Open the WhatsApp chat with one of the contacts you want to video call.
  • Tap Video call.
  • Once the contact accepts the call, tap Open > Add participant.
  • Find another contact you want to add to the call, then tap ADD.
  • Tap Add participant if you want to add more contacts.
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How to Schedule a WhatsApp Group Video Call

If you can't initiate a group video call right away, you have the option to plan one for a later time. To accomplish this, adhere to these instructions:
  • Within the group chat, click on the video call icon.
  • From the menu that appears, opt for "Schedule call."
  • Assign a title to your call for clarity.
  • Choose the desired date and time for the call.
  • Confirm your selections by clicking "OK."
  • Afterward, select "Send."
A reminder will be dispatched to the group members 15 minutes prior to the scheduled call.

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