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How To Reduce Background Noise in Your Microsoft Teams Meetings

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image credit - youtube.com Microsoft Teams can help organizations and people work together better in many ways, such as by setting up meetings, sharing files within groups, and more. Even if you are trying to be productive during a Microsoft Teams meeting, background noise can quickly ruin your efforts. Noise like dogs barking, children crying, or loud traffic can make it hard for people to focus or hear each other clearly. Getting rid of background noise is much easier if you know how.

Tips To Reduce Background Noise In Microsoft Team Meetings

How you get rid of background noise depends a lot on where you are and what kind of noise you want to get rid of. Still, these best practices are great places to start.

Select an Appropriate Surrounding

If you're on a Microsoft Teams call on a Monday morning in a city with a lot of traffic or in a coffee shop, there will be noise in the background. Instead, tell people to join the meeting from quiet places, like a meeting booth at the office or a room at home with a closed door. When people at a meeting are in different time zones or have different plans, ensuring everyone has time to get to a quiet place can greatly improve the sound quality. This gives workers time to get their kids to daycare or work without getting stuck in traffic.

Activate the Noise Suppression Function

The Teams desktop app and iOS have four levels of noise suppression to help meeting members stay on task. With the AI-based noise reduction feature, Microsoft said users will be able to get rid of unwanted background noise during calls and meetings. Click on the profile picture to find out. When the options bar appears, choose Settings and then Devices. Then, go to Permissions and check out the settings.  [caption id="attachment_189424" align="aligncenter" width="435"]micorsoft image credit - support.micorsoft.com[/caption]
  • Auto - This setting uses artificial intelligence to figure out how loud the background noise is and turn it down. Most of the time, the AI knows how to get rid of background noise in situations with average sound levels.
  • Off - This turns off the noise reduction tools in Microsoft. You can choose this choice if you already have a good headset or microphone with noise-canceling features.
  • High - This high-level option might be a good choice if your device's processor can handle AVX2 instructions. Most computers that came out after 2016 have this feature. Check the details about your device's model and processor to be sure.
  • Low - Microsoft tuned this to get rid of sounds that wouldn't go away, which could be a problem in meetings. Some of these sounds are the vibration of a fan, air conditioner, or refrigerator.

Purchase a Premium Microphone

 Some workers find that microphones made for podcasts and other records work great for meetings. The same is true for the headsets that customer service representatives wear. But both of these can be big or hard-to-use ways to cut down on background noise. The good news is that you can choose something smaller. Noise-canceling features are often built into modern sets that stick in your ear to improve call quality. When you buy your next set of headphones or headsets, look for this feature. Also read - Microsoft Teams Adds Google Meet Feature

Turn-Off the Mic When Not in Use

In a meeting, only the people who are speaking need to have their mics on, and only when they are speaking. Everyone should make it a habit to turn off their mics at all other times. This cuts down on background noises a lot. It also makes it easy to figure out which worker is making a lot of noise in the background.

Appoint a Call Moderator

Companies that hire censors have done a great job of cutting down on background noise. At the beginning of the meeting, the moderator checks each person's microphone to hear if there are any background noises. This makes sure that the rest of the meeting goes well, and it may only take a few minutes. After a few talks, this isn't always necessary anymore.

How To Reduce Background Noise In Microsoft Team Meetings On Windows And iOS

From The Main Window

  • Next to your picture, click Settings and More.
  • Select Devices on the left, then choose one option under Noise Reduction.

From The Meeting Window

  • Click the More Choices More options button in your meeting tools, then choose Device settings.
  • Choose one of the options under "Reducing noise." (See step 2 for a description of each choice.)

Noise Suppression Level On iOS

  • Choose your profile picture, then choose Settings.
  • Then, choose Calling.
  • Choose one of the options under "Noise suppression noise."

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