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How to Replace Pixel Buds Pro Ear Tip? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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How to Replace Pixel Buds Pro Ear Tip? (Step-By-Step Guide)-GadgetAny
Google Pixel Buds Pro

It’s crucial to utilize the best-fitting ear tips for an ideal listening experience whether you’re a power user or a novice utilizing the amazing Pixel Buds Pro. The noise canceling won’t work as well if your earbuds are too loose because the outside noises can enter your ear.

If your Pixel Buds Pro eartips are dirty, we advise cleaning them or simply replacing them if the sound quality isn’t what you would expect. Dirty earbuds can also be the cause of subpar cans. The Pixel Buds Pro’s eartips are fortunately rather simple to swap out. Simply adhere to the directions below.

Google Pixel Buds Pro
Image credit: reviewgeek
  • Take out your current pair of eartips.
  • Remove the existing ear tips from the Pixel Buds Pro first if you already have them in your ears and are just looking to switch out a pair. With your hands or a soft towel, you can perform this.
  • To detach the eartip from the earbud body, pinch and gently twist it.
  • Apply a bit more pressure if it feels stuck, but take care not to pull too hard in order to prevent tearing and damage.
  • Specify the eartips you want to replace.
Google Pixel Buds Pro
Image credit: indiatimes

Most earbuds, like the Pixel Buds Pro, provide additional eartips in the box, saving you the expense of purchasing extra pairs. They are rather simple to find if you don’t like the suggestions made or if you run out of new suggestions to employ. But before making a decision:

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The simple ear tip 

  • Seal Check can help you determine the proper size eartips for you, so you may have already completed it in.
  • Having done so, you are aware of your ideal size.
  • Using the tips that came with your perfect fit or purchasing new ones from other companies as long as they work with the Pixel Buds Pro, you should now have your perfect fit in your hands.

Here is an illustration: Ear Tips Compliant with Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel Buds Pro
Image credit: smartprix

For optimal results, we advise using the standard Google eartips.

  • The fresh eartips in.
  • You may simply attach the new eartips to the earphones after removing the old ones.
  • With your fingers, pinch the fresh eartip.
  • The second step is to press the eartip into the earbud while orienting the broader side in that direction.
  • Gently pull it out to see if it was properly inserted. Not too quickly should it come off. To make sure the fit is correct, you can repeat the ear tip seal test.

Consider cleaning your earbuds so that no dust or wax gets in the way if you’re having trouble changing the ear tip or removing the old one. We advise purchasing a new pair of earbuds because no tips will fit precisely on a damaged earpiece.

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