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How to reset HomePod Mini step-by step guide?

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The HomePod small is still among the greatest smart speakers of 2023, despite the new HomePod recently taking center stage. The little device is a fantastic HomeKit hub because it has a low price and a ton of high-end functionality. But it would be worthwhile to try to reset your HomePod mini if you've been having issues with it. Additionally, you should reset your HomePod mini before selling it to ensure that no personal data is left on the gadget. Fortunately, there are various simple approaches you can use to complete this work. To reset your HomePod mini, follow these steps. Apple HomePod and Mini tips: how HomePods work, how to play Spotify, BBC radio, Dolby Atmos, and more | What Hi-Fi? Photo Credit: What Hi-Fi?

Reset HomePod Mini via iPhone

You can reset your HomePod mini from your iPhone or iPad by logging into the Home app with the Apple ID you used to set up your HomePod.
  • Find the HomePod small tile in the Home app as the first step.
  • Place your finger on the tile and hold it there.
  • Click the Reset HomePod button after swiping down the menu.

Directly reset the HomePod Mini

You don't want to reset your HomePod mini on your iPhone. Your HomePod mini can be reset by holding your finger on the touchpad while you disconnect it, waiting ten seconds, and then plugging it back in. You'll notice a white light (then a red light) after a short period of holding your finger on top of the device, followed by an indication that your HomePod mini is going to reset. Till you hear three beeps, keep your finger pressed against the touchpad. How To Reset HomePod or HomePod Mini! - YouTube Photo Credit: YouTube

Using a computer, restore your HomePod mini.

If neither of the aforementioned methods is successful, you can restore your HomePod mini by connecting it to a Mac or PC. Use a USB-C connection to connect it to your computer, then launch iTunes and choose your HomePod mini. Select the Restore HomePod tiny button after that. Your smartphone will not only be reset but its software will also be updated.

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