How to Spot the Hidden Camera Surveillance in the Vacation Rentals?

Hidden camera

Out for a vacation, free from the daily schedule, but what if someone is keeping an eye on your every activity on vacation too. It’s not appropriate as your privacy is important.

Vacation rentals like Airbnb, VRBO, and others, also use camera surveillance for security purposes, and they have permissions to do so. The installation of cameras can differ depending on the type of the rental services but it’s too alarming though it’s technically allowed.

But what if the hidden camera is installed in private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms in vacation rentals without your concern. Why are they installed in such places? What is their motive? Well, it’s illegal, and you should inform the police if you find something like this on your vacation.

Now, the question is how to spot these micro cameras; years ago, camera surveillance was not in trend because of its bulk size and cost, but now it’s too familiar and has become an essential gadget in any property.

Hidden camera

These surveillance cameras can be hidden inside the vent or in the wall or ceiling, in the lamps, power outlets, or objects like a humidifier or even a TV remote. Moreover, it’s your responsibility to check the rental listing thoroughly; you can ask some relevant questions to your rental owner like:

  • What is the number of cameras installed on the property, and where are they installed? 
  • Are all of the cameras installed recording?
  • What do they do with recordings after your stay?

After knowing the answer to these questions, for more safety, you can spot the cameras inside your room by using the following tips:

  1. First, turn off the light in your room and slowly scan the whole room with a flashlight or laser pointer.
  2. You can check the room from different spots not to miss certain places.
  3. You can examine other gaps and holes which look unusual to you on the wall and ceiling.

hidden camera surveillance in the vacation rentals

Apart from these steps, you can also use RF detectors to detect hidden wireless cameras. Also, you can search home automation services or rental wireless networks to locate the hidden cameras.

Additionally, suppose you succeed in finding any such hidden cameras. Then, to avoid any unwanted circumstances, you should immediately call the police and inform them about installing hidden cameras in private places without your permission.

However, the laws regarding voyeurism and camera surveillance vary from state to state. For example, strict action can be taken against property owners if they install hidden cameras in public and shared spaces. 

Also, the Federal Video Voyeurism Act stated that you can’t “capture an image of a private area of an individual without their consent, and knowingly does so under circumstances in which the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

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