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How to Start a Spotify Jam and Listen to Music With Your Friends

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The world of music streaming is always evolving, and Spotify consistently leads the way with innovative features. Spotify Jam is their latest offering, and it's transforming how we connect with music alongside our friends. This groundbreaking feature allows music enthusiasts to come together virtually and share their favorite tracks, creating a one-of-a-kind musical experience. In this article, we'll explore the world of Spotify Jam and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to launch your very own Jam session using the Spotify app.

What Is Spotify Jam?

Spotify Jam offers a shared listening experience that mimics the feeling of being at a house party or a live concert with friends. Within this virtual room, you and your friends can simultaneously listen to your favorite songs. What sets Spotify Jam apart is its collaborative element: users can contribute to a shared music queue and receive personalized music recommendations as a group.

How Does Spotify Jam Work?

While initiating and controlling a Jam session requires a Premium Spotify account, all Spotify users, including free users, can join these virtual listening spaces. To begin a Jam session, you can start with a song or playlist and invite friends through various methods:
  • Shareable Link: Share the session's link via text, social media, or other messaging platforms. Your friends can simply click on the link to join the Jam.
  • Tap Phones: Enable Bluetooth and tap your phone with a friend's mobile device to invite them to the Jam session.
  • QR Code: Generate a QR code and send it to your friends. They can scan the QR code to access the Jam session.
Also Read: How to Fix an Echoing Microphone Once everyone is in the session, you can collectively add songs to the shared queue and enjoy the same tunes simultaneously. Spotify's algorithm provides dynamic music recommendations based on your group's listening preferences. Additionally, you can easily track who added each song. However, the host maintains control over adding or removing participants, altering the song order, and deleting songs that don't fit the vibe. Spotify

How to Start a Spotify Jam Session?

Initiating a Spotify Jam session is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:
  • Ensure your Spotify app is up to date and log in with your Premium account.
  • Choose a song or an existing playlist, or create a new playlist to jam to.
  • Tap the three dots within any song or playlist or hit the speaker icon at the bottom left of the screen when you expand a song menu.
  • Select "Start a Jam" from the available options.
  • You'll have three options to invite friends: share a link, tap phones, or use a QR code.
  • Once the Jam session is underway, you can choose whether to allow others to change what's playing, toggling this option on or off based on your preferences.
  • Add more songs to the session by selecting "Add songs." You'll be presented with song recommendations based on your group's activity. Swipe left to view your Liked Songs, and tap the plus button to add a song to the session.
  • To end the Jam session, tap the "End" button.
Spotify Jam has the potential to bring people together across geographical boundaries and strengthen their connections through the universal language of music. It offers an engaging way to listen to music with friends, thanks to real-time listening, collaborative playlist building, and shared recommendations. Starting a Jam session on Spotify is a hassle-free process. As long as the session host has a Premium account, both Premium and free users can join, add songs, and revel in the joy of shared music experiences. Spotify Jam is a testament to how technology can enhance our social interactions and make music an even more enjoyable shared experience.

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