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How to Try Out New Threads Features Ahead of Everyone Else

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How to Try Out New Threads Features Ahead of Everyone Else-GadgetAny
Threads beta program

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The Threads app, which Meta released on July 5 of 2023, quickly racked up millions of users. A full web version, direct messages, hashtags, and other functions that would make the Threads app a Twitter competitor are still missing.

In addition to these features, Meta has stated that it is developing further functionalities. Signing up for its beta tester program is another invitation extended to Android users who seek early access to new Threads features.

How to Join the Threads Beta Tester Program

Both Android and iOS users can download the Threads app, but as of right now, only Android users are able to participate in the beta test. On an Android device, follow these steps to sign up for Threads’ beta program:

  • Type “Threads” in the Google Play Store. In the Instagram app, select onThreads.
  • To access the Join the Beta section, scroll below.
  • Tap Join, then hold out for a while.
  • Upgrade the app to the most recent beta release.
Threads is Getting a Host of New Features and You Can Start Test Driving Them on Android
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By repeating the same procedures and selecting quit, you can quit the beta program at any time. After that, the Play Store will provide you access to the app’s standard version.

You may gain early access to new features and problem fixes as a beta tester, but you may also have to put up with some instability and errors.

Trying out new features before everyone else and contributing to the app’s improvement are both wonderful reasons to sign up to be a Threads beta tester. Use the instructions above to sign up if you’re okay with the occasional problem or sharing your usage information with Meta.

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