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How To Turn On Easy Mode On Samsung Smartphones

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How To Turn On Easy Mode On Samsung Smartphones-GadgetAny
Samsung Easy Mode

On Samsung smartphones, Easy Mode replaces the normal home screen with a simpler one with larger font, making it ideal for first-time smartphone users as well as children and the elderly.

To prevent accidental touches, Easy Mode additionally delays the touch-and-hold reaction time. Additionally, it adds a high contrast theme to the keyboard to make it easier to see, but only if you’re using the standard Samsung keyboard.

Whether you own the reasonably priced Samsung A53 or the premium Galaxy Z Fold 4, Easy Mode is pre-installed on all phones and is really simple to set up. It’s also simple to return to the standard home screen if you so choose.

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How to set up Easy Mode on Samsung smartphones

  1. To access the display settings menu, enter the Settings menu and then press Display.
  2. Toggle Easy mode on by scrolling down and tapping it; then hit the toggle next to Easy mode. Here you may also alter the touch and hold delay period or enable or disable the high contrast keyboard theme.
  3. Now that you have opened your home screen, you will notice that it has been simplified and just lists a few apps. You can add more apps to the home screen by touching and holding on an app in the main app list and dragging it to the home screen, much as with the standard home screen launcher.
    There is a page where you can add specific contacts if you swipe left. 

There are no other details to add. Simply carry out step 1 of this article and tap the toggle next to Easy Mode to deactivate it if you wish to turn off Easy Mode.

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