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How to Use Anti-Stalking Feature in iOS15 on iPhone with Apple AirTag?

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Apple AirTag has been a major source of worry since stalkers have utilized the tracking gadget to follow their victims. Apple's tracking device is designed to function as a smart key finder that users can connect to a variety of personal things to help them find them when they lose them. On April 30, 2021, the Apple AirTag made its debut. The Cupertino behemoth has neglected to address numerous contentious stalking incidences nearly a year after its debut. The use of an AirTag to eavesdrop on a person has occurred numerous times over the previous few months, alarming authorities in each occasion. In order to further prevent misuse of the Apple tracking device, the Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer is currently launching a new anti-stalking function on iPhone iOS 15.4 beta, according to a news report by MacRumors. [caption id="attachment_63986" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]Apple Airtag Image: mrmad[/caption] It should be noted that the tech giant is still testing the new Airtag anti-stalking technology on iPhones, therefore iOS 15.4 beta is the only version that supports it. The mobile operating system's stable version has not yet received the update.

How Apple AirTag Anti-Stalking Operates?

The new iOS AirTag anti-stalking function includes a messaging prompt that cautions users against using the tracking device for illicit purposes, according to a recent article by Apple Insider. Using the AirTag to track someone without their agreement is now illegal in many parts of the world, the setup page for the iPhone device warns. [caption id="attachment_63987" align="aligncenter" width="2400"]Apple Airtag Image: JAMES D. MORGAN/GETTY IMAGES[/caption] Additionally, Apple revealed that its tracking system is made to be "detected by victims." Additionally, it enables law enforcement to track down the AirTag owner by identifying them. Using the AirTag as a stalking tool is illegal, according to the new anti-stalking function on iOS. The Cupertino behemoth had earlier promised to include the new setup warning to iOS. Apple also plans to implement more preventive measures to totally stop AirTag stalking events, so that's not all. Additionally, it has a feature that supports revealing the position of unidentified AirTags. In order to make the AirTag more obvious, a significantly louder sound is also on the way. [caption id="attachment_63989" align="aligncenter" width="1598"]Apple Airtag Image: Phone Arena[/caption]

How to Use AirTag Anti-Stalking?

As previously indicated, only iPhone owners who have updated the iOS 15.4 beta are presently able to use the new anti-stalking features for the AirTag. You must therefore upgrade to iOS beta in order to obtain one. However, you can decide to be patient and wait for its arrival on the steady channel.

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