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How to use iOS17 NameDrop in iPhone?

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image credit - techrushi.com With the release of iOS 17 Developer Beta 2, one of iOS 17's best features, NameDrop, can now be used. In fact, most of the attention has been on this one part of iOS 17. NameDrop enables the exchange of contact information between two iPhones or an iPhone and an Apple Watch by simply bringing the devices together. The manual entry of contact information is now unnecessary. NameDrop's finest feature is how quickly it works, thanks to its seamless incorporation into AirDrop. Let's get right in and see how to use NameDrop on your iPhone running iOS 17.

How Does NameDrop Function Work?

Despite being advertised alongside iOS 17, the NameDrop feature was absent in the iOS 17 Developer Beta 1. NameDrop was previously unavailable on iOS until the second beta version of iOS 17 was released to developers. Before you go any further, remember these things:
  • NameDrop requires both iPhones to be running iOS 17 Developer Beta 2 in order to function.
  • The NameDrop function relies on a near-field communication (NFC) chip; therefore, positioning the iPhones so that their tops (where the earpiece and front camera are) are in close proximity to one another is ideal. You can either set one phone on top of the other or pull the top halves of the two phones closer together.
  • Due to the beta nature of iOS 17, the NameDrop functionality may not always function as expected. In some cases, activating AirDrop or locking and unlocking the iPhone screen is required.
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How to Use NameDrop on iOS 17 iPhone to Exchange Contacts?

  • First, make sure NameDrop works on your iPhone or Apple Watch. If you haven't already, update your iPhone to iOS 17 Developer Beta 2 or a later version and your Apple Watch to watchOS 10 Developer Beta.
  • Open your iPhone's settings>Go to General > AirDrop and change the setting for 10 minutes to Everyone.
  • Get your iPhone into a range of another iPhone running iOS 17 (or an Apple Watch running watchOS 10). As demonstrated here, your fingers must meet at the top of both iPhones.
  • Both iOS devices should immediately display the Contacts card.
  • Select the option to give the other person your contact details. The other party has the option to either Receive just or Share his contact information with you.
When using AirDrop, this will also function properly. If it still doesn't show up, try holding your iPhone's top near another iPhone's top.

What to do if NameDrop isn't working on your iPhone?

If you can't use NameDrop on your iPhone or it's not working, make sure:=
  • Both your iPhone and the iPhone with which you want to share contacts are running iOS 17. The beta 2 version of iOS 17 was installed on the devices used here. In Developer Beta 1, the tool doesn't work.
  • "Everyone for 10 minutes" should be the setting for AirDrop on both devices.
  • Both Bluetooth and WiFi should be turned on on the two iPhones.
  • To get the contact card to show up, you have to move the iPhones closer together and touch the top frame.
  • If NameDrop still doesn't work, try restarting your iPhone or waiting for the next update.
  • The beta version of the feature isn't always reliable, so you may need to lock/unlock your iPhone or change the AirDrop screen for it to work.

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