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How to Use Timer & Camera Remote on Apple Watch in watchOS9?

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How to Use Timer & Camera Remote on Apple Watch in watchOS9?-GadgetAny
Apple Watch OS9

Have you ever used an Apple Watch to control a camera or a timer? Through this instruction, there is a simple way to accomplish that.

You may take a distant picture using your iPhone. The smartphone can be set up for a photo session, and from there, the smartwatch can display the camera image from the device you’re using.

It is also possible to position your watch for a shutter timer.

Control your camera and set timers via Apple Watch

Apple Watch SpO2

Here’s a simple tutorial on using your Apple Watch to control your camera and set timers.

  • You should be aware that your smartwatch needs to be within Bluetooth’s range, according to Apple’s official support page.
  • Naturally, you must first enable Bluetooth on your iPhone. It ought to be about 10 metres or 33 feet away from your smartphone.
  • After that, you can tell Siri to take any certain picture. Simply ask Siri to take a picture.
  • Taking Pictures on an Apple Watch

Apple Watch’s Camera Remote to capture a picture

Follow These Steps To See Steps On Your Apple Watch

Here are the steps you need to keep in mind in order to use the Apple Watch’s Camera Remote to capture a picture.

  • The Camera Remote app should first be opened on your smartwatch. Ensure that watchOS 9 is the most recent update for your Apple Watch.
  • Then, before taking a picture, position your iPhone as optimally as possible. The pre-image will be shown on your Apple Watch.
  • Then, you can start zooming in on the object you wish to capture. Then, turn the digital crown.
  • Simply click the shot preview on your smartwatch to adjust the exposure.
  • Tap the Apple Watch’s Shutter button to begin snapping pictures.
  • You can still view the photographs on your smartwatch even though they are saved in the storage of your iPhone.

Reviewing Your Shots on Apple Watch: How to Do It

Apple Watch Series
Image credit: 9to5mac
  • To view a photo, click the thumbnail in the bottom left corner of your Apple Watch.
  • Swipe left or right to see the other images.
  • Utilize Pan to drag the zoomed-in image.
  • To get the picture to fill the entire screen, double-click it.

Additionally, you can check the shot count and show or conceal the Close button. Click Close whenever you’re finished.

How to Change the Camera and Change the Settings?

  • Go to the Apple Watch’s Camera Remote app.
  • You can select one of the following alternatives by tapping the three-dot option.
  • HDR (turn on or off) 
  • Flash (you can choose auto, on, or off) 
  • Timer (activate a timer for 3 seconds or turn it off)
  • Live Image (just like Flash, you can select auto, on, or off)
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