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'I found my BF nude & pleasuring my best friend - they laughed and shrugged off

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I left for a work event early and came back to see a woman's garments in the hallway. I rushed into the bedroom to find my best friend being enjoyed by my nude boyfriend. They laughed while I yelled. I was then told to close the door while they "finished off." I took my luggage and headed out. Currently, my ex-friend and my ex-boyfriend share the apartment I decorated and adored.Intimacy They're all having a blast on social media while I'm back at home sleeping with my parents. Friends have now acknowledged that they were informed about the affair in June. I feel like such a fool. JANE SAYS: If your ex-boyfriend and ex-mate tried hard to conceal their affair, how were you to know about it? Your life begins to change now. Tell those friends with whom you have social media accounts that you are not interested in updates or rumors. Be sad about your relationship ending, then move on. You cannot allow your confidence to be shaken by this.Intimacy Beyond him, her, and this terrible setback, there is life. Success is the best kind of retaliation. They share the same ugly and unreliable tones. Had you a fortunate escape? Very likely. I’m sick of staying in bed all the time having sex – it’s all my fella wants to do.
p:nth-of-type(6)","type":"performPlaceholder","relativePos":"after"}" data-placeholder-placeholder="" data-response-start="2820.39999999851" data-type="placeholder"> He feels that I ought to be gratified by his intense interest in me, but I'm getting bored. He has little interest in his family, friends, or the movies. He requests that I join him beneath the covers and order pizza and alcohol. We have a few intimate moments, but he pulls me away when I suggest watching TV or going out. He really could stay up all night, every night, and I feel abused by it. He is supported by his relatives. He sends his wealthy brother a sob story when he needs additional money. His parents, who left the country when he was 16 and have always regretted it, are also worth a few pounds. I used to think he was sexy and funny, but I’m missing my mates and family.Intimacy Is it too much to ask for a partner who ticks a few more boxes and isn’t so one-dimensional? JANE SAYS: I suspect this ­relationship will fizzle out ­unless some serious changes are made. Your boyfriend has to know that you can find him repulsive. Too much sex becomes boring and offensive. He must be sleeping if he cannot perceive that you are more than just a plaything for him to frolic in. Why has this "honeymoon time" lasted for so long? Explain. You acknowledge that he likes you, but there needs to be much more exchange of gifts and concessions. He ought to be aware of your desire for respect and variety. He and you must establish a sexual relationship that is mutually agreeable. If you think he is being unreasonable by asking too much sex, talk to him about your feelings away from the bedroom. Some couples have a sex contract whereby they agree to have sex on certain days, in certain ways, so that they know where they stand.

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