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'I just commute': Mia Khalifa refutes rumors about relocating to Europe amid frequent UK trips

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Mia Khalifa, a former PornHub celebrity, denied claims that she was moving to Europe, saying that she only commutes there. The American model who was born in Beirut has recently been spending a lot of time in London and along the Kent coast. As a result, some of her fans have begun to speculate that she intends to live permanently in Britain. But the influencer refuted the rumors. The former porn star answered to a fan's text message asking, "Did you move to Europe?" with, "No, I simply commute," and she posted a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter with the caption "beep beep."
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As was to be expected, a lot of fans responded to the message, with some even calling for Mia to move permanently to the UK. Keep in London was one of the comments. She was advised by someone else to "go back to Austin." "She's just different she vibes differently. Can I commute with you?" someone wrote. Lol” Another person questioned, "What is your favorite thing about traveling the world?" Another user said, "You can do whatever you want, nobody should ask anything." On Instagram, Mia recently posted images from her recent trip to Whitstable, Kent, where she spent a week taking in the ocean vistas. On Tuesday, October 11, she uploaded photos of herself lounging on the beach to Instagram with the remark, "Been in Whitstable the past two weeks and I'm heartbroken to leave." The former adult actress was spotted hanging out in London as well and documented her trip there on social media.

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